We bet you live, breathe, eat and sleep One Direction and know them better than your grandma’s biscuit tin but we want to test that knowledge. Why not waste your precious time on the bucket load of quizzes we’ve got for you below.

How well do you know Niall Horan – 2014 edition

niall kissThink you’re the ultimate Niall Horan fan? Do you know his live story like an encyclopaedia?

Can you guess the boyband barnet? Does it belong to 1D, 5SOS or The Vamps?

harry-styles-hair-flipTest your knowledge of boy band bangs and buzz cuts.

How well do you know Liam Payne – 2014 edition

Perfect LiamNow stay with us cause we’re quite quick.

How well do you know Harry Styles – 2014 edition

harry_styles_png_by_quennriri-d8cbsxuIt’s time to test if you are the ultimate Harry girl.

Who wore what? The One Direction edition.

giphy-4Do you think you can guess Niall’s shirt from Louis’? Do you remember what Zayn wore during a M&G in 2013?

How well do you know One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’?

Harry hmmWax lyrical with our ‘Steal My Girl’ test, do you know them all like the back of your hand?

Which song from One Direction’s ‘FOUR’ are you?

Louis 1Which ‘FOUR’ song really represents you? 100% legit obv.

How well do you know the lyrics to One Direction’s ‘Night Changes’?

Harry Night ChangesGoing out tonight cha… hang on, we’re not going out. We’re stuck in doing 1D quizzes.

How well do you know the lyrics to One Direction’s ‘FOUR’?

Niall Steal My GirlAre you an expert on 1 Dizzle’s fourth album, ‘FOUR’?

Which One Direction song are you?

Niall-Which song is your spirit animal? Which one really speaks about YOU when you hear it playing.

Which Harry Styles are you?

Harry brushing hair backThere are so many different sides to Harry Styles. He’s cute and cuddly, he’s unique, he’s fashionable… so, which Harry are you?

Which Niall knee are you?

tumblr_mdccjnqbj41rwaqrwniallYep it’s a quiz about his dodgy femur

Which Harry Styles hair style are you?

Harry HondaThat’s a mouthful isn’t it? Mr Styles is the absolute hair fairy, he can literally pull off any style and we’re the first to admit we’re super jelly of those gorgeous curls!

Which Louis Tomlinson are you? 

Louis-at-the-X-Factor-Judges-Houses-louis-tomlinson-38982149-245-235We have seen many sides to Louis Tomlinson, but there’s one question on everyone’s lips… “Which Louis Tomlinson am I?”

Which pair of Harry Styles boots are you?

Harry SpotifyAlright twinkle toes? Which pair of stylish af Harry boots are you?

Which One Direction OTRA outfit are you? you Harry’s shirt? Liam’s left sock? Let’s have a look shall we?

Is this Louis Tomlinson or Kristen Stewart?

LouisTake this super hard that’s probably an exaggeration quiz to see if you can tell the difference between pop star and footie fanatic extraordinaire Louis Tomlinson and actress for the millions Kristen Stewart.

Which Harry Styles tattoo are you? 

Harry Fly 1Harry Styles tattoos are one of the 7 wonders of the world, edging slightly ahead of Simon Cowell’s high-waisted trouser line.

How well do you know ‘Drag Me Down’?

louis-tomlinson-loses-voiceIt’s time to fix up and look sharp because we’re about to test your lyrical knowledge. Do you know your NOBODY NOBODIES from your fire in the hearts?

Which One Direction dance move are you?

Niall DanceWe all know the boys of 1D aren’t the best dancers, however they’ve each got some moves of their own.

Which One Direction ‘Drag Me Down’ GIF are you?

Louis Tomlison headerThe hot af Liam GIF? The Larry GIF? Possibilities are endless.

Which Louis Tomlinson tattoo are you?

Louis IndianapolisEvery wonder what part of Louis’ body you belong on? Now we can tell you!

Can we guess which 1D member is your favourite?

harry-stylesYou may not play favorites, but we know there’s one boy in One Direction who has an extra special place in your heart. Take this quiz and see if we can guess if it’s Harry, Louis, Niall, or Liam.

Which iconic Larry GIF are you?

Larry TelehitOh, iconic Larry gifs, we love you so. The giant hugs, the secret touches, the glassy-eyed gazes. Take this super accurate quiz to determine which of these unforgettable gifs fits you best.

How well do you know One Direction’s ‘Infinity’?

liam mitam 2Now it’s time to test you listening skills and see if you’ve properly memorized all the lyrics.

Which One Direction ship are you? 

1DThere’s Larry and Lirry and Niam and Lilo and lots more. But which One Direction ship are you? Find out below in our quiz.

Guess the One Direction music video

Carpool 1DWe’ve chosen difficult shots from 10 One Direction videos for you to guess, see if you can ace this quiz.

How well do you know Louis Tomlinson? The 2015 edition

louisTake this ultra crucial quiz to test your 2015 Louis knowledge.

Which lyrics from One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ are you?

Perfect LiamOne Direction’s ‘Perfect’ is exactly what it says on the tin isn’t it? We’re so obsessed we’ve been listening to it on repeat and screaming the lyrics at anyone who will listen outside our car window.

Which Rainbow Bondage Bear outfit are you?

Rainbow harryRainbow Bondage Bear is pretty special and admittedly has the most entertaining outfits of the One Direction shows (no offense to Louis’s Adidas), but have you ever wondered which outfit you are?

Which One Direction concert poster are you?

0e9f7235563c8c70361daa9881b0c56fOne Direction fans are some of the most creative people on the planet, which fan sign are you?

Which part of One Direction ‘History’ are you?

One Direction HistoryGrab your pal, turn it into a tag team and take this very important quiz to find out which part of One Direction history you are.

Which ‘Made In The A.M’ song are you?

tumblr_nxpsffO1Ce1r79jb4o1_250Now we’re not saying you really are some sexy raspy vocals but come on, would it really be that bad if you were?

How well do you know One Direction’s ‘End Of The Day’?

1dAt the end of the day, how well do you know ‘End Of The Day’?

How well do you know the lyrics to the entire ‘Made In The A.M’ album?

It's our favourite nerd! We'd love to have seen some Marcel hotness during the flick.

We know you know the lyrics off by heart, but can you ace this quizzle nizzle?

Which One Direction member wearing glasses are you?

HarryNiall Horan sent us into a constant state of arousal when he wore  glasses this week, so we thought why not make a quiz to help you find out which One Direction band member donning specs you are.

Which Harry Styles suit are you?

Harry Styles floral suitHarry’s always got Styles, which of Harry’s suits really relates to you?

Which One Direction on stage fall are you?

1437996585-louisRemember how Ellen showed some videos of One Direction falling over? Since then you’ve probably been wondering which one of those funny tumbles you are, so take this quiz to find out and tweet us your result over @maximumpop.

Which Larry Stylinson hug are you?

larry-hold-handsSince Louis and Harry are finally interacting with each other again in public, we just couldn’t contain our happiness anymore and decided to relive some of their hugs in the form of this quiz.

Which Liam Payne tattoo are you?

LiamIt’s no lie that the boys of One Direction are the kings of Hollywood tattoos, well all of them except Niall. Liam may not be up to par to Harry, but he has quite an abundance of them! Find out which one of his tattoos you are in this quiz.

Are you a Harry Styles style guru?

HarryYou’re only the ultimate Harry Styles fan if you’ve committed his wardrobe to memory and spend your nights dreaming about his shearling vest.

The hardest One Direction quiz like… ever. 

1DThink you love 1D and know everything there is to know about them? See if you feel the same way after you do our hardest 1D quiz EVA!

How well do you know Louis Tomlinson’s shirts?

Louis-Mystery-JetsNobody wears a graphic t-shirt quite like Louis Tomlinson. Have you been paying attention to the lucky pieces of fabric that get to keep him warm everyday? Time to put your knowledge to the test.

What will you do during One Direction’s hiatus?

Niall SpotifyWe’ve been in a funk ever since we found out about One Direction going on a hiatus because we’ve got no idea what to do with our lives and we’re sure you don’t know either.

Is this a Harry Styles shirt or an IKEA bedspread?

Harry StylesIt is no secret that Harry Styles is quite the fashionista. He’s wowed us all with his printed suits, and his unique t-shirts!

Which One Direction members bum is this?

tumblr_nbummtaSfG1rm6sqqo1_250We’ve seen quite a few gorgeous bums in our time, but none have come close to those of the One Direction boys. Take this quiz to find out if you’ve got the ultimate One Direction bum knowledge or if you need to stare at them a bit more.

How well do you know One Direction’s OTRA tour?

1D BillboardThe OTRA tour may be over and One Direction may be on a temporary ‘hiatus’ but our memories of the 2015 tour will never fade.

The harder than hard One Direction 2015 quiz

tumblr_mwr59svd1N1qg5snro1_4002015 was a year with ups and downs for One Direction and the fandom, but do you remember all of the little things? If you think you do, take this quiz and find out if you’re a 2015 expert.

How well do you know One Direction’s ‘Temporary Fix’?

tumblr_nvj593eQWp1tda4nso8_500 (1)We’ve all listened to ‘Made in the A.M.’ about one zillion times by now, but how well have you been paying attention to the lyrics?

Which Harry ‘Made In The A.M’ lyric are you?

tumblr_inline_nr47gk9dl01t63fmm_540Harry’s vocals are ALWAYS on point, but which MITAM one is your spirit animal?

Which Niall ‘Made In The A.M’ lyric are you?

NiallWe’ve had Harry and Louis (If only), now it’s time for Niall to shine. ‘Made In The A.M.’ is still our jam and Niall is the peanut butter to it, where would One Direction be without our Irish man?

Which Liam ‘Made In The A.M’ lyric are you?

LiamLiam’s killer vocals never fail to shock us, and ‘Made in the A.M.’ is no exception.