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QUIZ: Are these One Direction or The Vamps lyrics?

“Last night it’s gotta be you”

We do love our boybands here at MP!, and none more so than One Direction and the dreamy boys of The Vamps.

Ngl, we dream about them every night. You think that would make it easy to tell apart their lyrics then, right? Boy how wrong you are. They might both be (literal) music to our ears but this is one tough quiz.

QUIZ: Can you guess the One Direction song from a single line?

QUIZ: How well do you remember the lyrics to One Direction ‘Story of My Life’?

Ever since One Direction went their separate directions we’ve had ‘Made in the A.M.’ on repeat and tbh we might never tire of it. That is, of course, when we’re not having a good ol’ fashion boogie around our bedroom to ‘Can We Dance?’.

The answer is no. Always no.

Do you reckon you can tell the pop-y tunes of 1D apart from Brad Simpson’s delicious vocals? Try it out and see:

Did you triumph in this battle of the boybands? Let us know your score down in the comments

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