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Are you Harry’s number 1 fan? Prove it by getting 100% in THIS ‘Harry Styles: Behind the Album’ quiz

Less than 10% of Directioners have got 100%

Strewth, Harold’s keeping the fandom busy, isn’t he?!

His brand new documentary has just been released and you should def’ put down your revision book RIGHT NOW and watch it.

Errr… just don’t tell your mum we said that.

As you probably already know from the sneaky teasers that were released earlier this month, the documentary’s called ‘Harry Styles: Behind the Album’.

It was released exclusively on Apple Music yesterday and contains some precious moments from the recording and writing stages of Harry’s debut album.

There are some absolute gems in it. One minute Harry’s lounging on a surfboard. The next he’s acting all goofy and hitting pots and pans, before sharing some cute bromance moments with guitarist, Mitch Rowland.

Ugh, how sweet!

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Of course, the chances are that you guys have already binge watched the doc’ approximately 4637289 times. It’s okay, Directioners, we don’t judge. We have too, which is why we’ve put together a brand new quiz for us all to enjoy.

All the questions in the quiz are about the ‘Harry Styles: Behind the Album’ documentary and we’re not gonna lie, they’re pretty tough. That said, we have total faith in you.

Get ready, get set, goooooooo!

How did you do? Let us know your score in the comments below.

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One Direction had a mini reunion over the weekend and NO ONE can cope!

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