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Ugh! We STILL can’t get over Liam Payne’s missing nipple! Is this a 1D body part or Liam’s nip’?

Can someone PLEASE find Liam’s nipple?

Liam Payne may have a brand new track out, but we have more pressing issues on our minds – like whatever happened to his missing nipple?

You know the moment we’re talking about. Way back in March, Liam lost a nip’ or it appeared that way at least.

The internet went into meltdown and it was almost as OMG as the time we discovered Harry Styles has four nipples!

So, what was the hoo-har all about, ‘ey? Well, in a photoshoot for Rollacoaster magazine, Liam appeared to be missing his right nipple.

Obvs, he looked absolutely gorgeous in the photos but… WHERE WAS HIS NIPPLE?!


It’s worth noting that the photographer of the shoot has since confirmed that Liam’s nipple was NOT photoshopped out – it’s simply the angle Liam’s standing.

We’d still like to know where it went, though?! Did it pop to Sainsburys during the shoot? Or maybe it went off gallivanting on the Victoria line, who knows…

Directioners obviously expressed their concern in Twitter-sphere and tbh we wouldn’t be surprised if a search-and-rescue team is STILL out on the hunt as we type this.

So, accurate.




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Our therapist was deeply concerned with how much time we spend stressing out over Liam’s missing nip’. So much so that she recommend that we invest those hours… days… years… in turning it into a fun game for us all to play.

Prove your the ultimate Directioner by telling the difference between Liam’s nipple and these other One Direction body parts.

Err… don’t worry guys, they’re all PG13. Although you will be getting very close to the boys’ arm hair, knee hair and faces, in general.

How did you do? Let us know your score in the comments below. Also, if you see Liam’s nipple, keep us posted. LOL!


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