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QUIZ: Do you know which famous Harry said these eyebrow raising quotes? Harry Styles? Harry Potter? Or Prince Harry?

It’s Harry mania!

There are a lot of famous Harrys that hold a special place in our hearts. From Harry Styles’ luscious locks to Harry Potter’s magical spells, we’re completely smitten. Another Harry that we’ve recently fallen for is Harry Lipton. He’s one of the main characters in Holly Bourne’s new book ‘It Only Happens In The Movies’ and is a complete charmer.

‘It Only Happens In The Movies’ follows the story of Audrey. She’s just got a job at a fancy cinema where local player Harry Lipton works. He’s bad boy all over and spends his spare time creating zombie movies, staying out till the early hours of the morning and getting high with his mates.

Audrey and Harry’s love is far from a fairy tale romance story. There’s no kissing in the snow or an unrealistic mission to change Harry and transform him into the ideal boyfriend. Instead, ‘It Only Happens In The Movies’ highlights a realistic relationship that’s full of awkward moments, confusion and pain.

That’s what’s so great about Audrey and Harry. They’re basically real people and you’ll 100% be able to relate to their stories. In fact, we love them so much that we’ve decided to include Harry in our brand new famous Harry quiz.

Would you be able to tell us whether Harry Styles, Harry Potter, Harry Lipton or Prince Harry said these quotes? Let’s find out shall, we?

Holly Bourne’s ‘It Only Happens In The Movies’ book tour is also kicking off this week and heading to Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle Waterstones. So grab a mate and join in the fun by booking tickets.

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I wasn’t expecting candles.

They lit the whole cinema – tea lights, the stout white candles you get in churches, thin ones stuffed into candlesticks. My skin itched in their heat.

I blinked and shook my head. “What the hell?”

Then I saw Harry.

He looked so damn proud of himself. His hair sticking up at every angle, his hands sheepishly in his pockets, head cocked, his teeth bared in his trademark smile. The flickering light made him look like a hologram.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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