QUIZ: Are these One Direction facts true or false?

Use all that 1D info crammed in your brain to prove yourself as the ultimate super fan

There is so much One Direction info flying around the internet that sometimes we just can’t keep up. However, a lot of you hardcore Directioners know EVERYTHING about the lads, like legit everything. So we thought why not test your 1D knowledge to the absolute max?

Word of warning, Directioners. We’ve put together over 100 One Direction quizzes in the past and this might be the trickiest one yet. No seriously, it is! We’re constantly updating it with tricky trivia that even the best 1Ders will get stuck on.

We’re talking toilet pigeons, policemen and Harry Styles secret phobia. Think you know all there is to know about the boys? Prove it by taking this true or false quiz.

Ace it and be the Directioner of all Directioners.

What was your score? Let us know in the comments below. Once you’re done, share it with all your 1D pals. Also make sure you check out our other One Direction quizzes – there’s over 100 of them!

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