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QUIZ: Are these Little Mix or One Direction lyrics?

*WARNING* This may be harder than you expect

Obviously, Little Mix and One Direction are some of our all-time favourite groups ever and we cannot get enough of them, literally. We go into full fangirl mode anytime either groups release a new song, album, or just does anything tbh.

We’ve been listening to both groups since they were fresh off the X-Factor and it’s safe to say that we probably know every single one of their songs by heart.

QUIZ: Can you guess the Little Mix song from a single line? 

Louis Tomlinson just admitted One Direction’s SCANDALOUS past and we’re in bits

Are you really the ultimate fangirl? See if you can get a 100% on this Little Mix and One Direction lyric quiz! Be sure to share your results with us down below and comment your favourite 1D or LM lyric.

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