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QUIZ: Harry Styles’ wardrobe or Wetherspoons carpet?

OMG… It’s actually really tricky

Harry Styles has a pretty epic RIDICULOUSLY-AMAZING-FANTABULOUS-INCREDIBLE-INSANE fashion sense. He can pull off just about anything – like, the guy could pull off a freakin’ bin bag.

Seriously, name a trend and he’s probably worn it at some point or another. Leopard print? CHECK. Floral print? CHECK. Giant pink polka dots? CHECK. Suits that resemble the carpets you’d only find inside Wetherspoons? TRIPLE CHECK.

Trust us, we’re pretty clued up on the ins and outs of Spoons’ carpets (we love to dabble in a Ribena and a burger), and we can’t help but feel like Hazza’s the same. 

Perhaps he’s into Fish Fridays? Or Steak Club on a Tuesday? They’re an absolute bargain, after all. Personally, we’re more into Curry Club, and if Haz fancy joining us for this week’s we’d totally be up for it.

And then there’s the fact that half of Hazza’s wardrobe blends in gloriously with the carpets. To be fair, we think it’s a great place for him to hide out from all the paps – WE KNOW YOUR GAME, HARRY.

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If you think you’ve got what it takes to tell the difference between Harry’s wardrobe and Wetherspoons carpet, take our quiz below.

Word of warning, Directioners, it’s super hard, but worth it for the lols alone.

How did you do? Leave us a comment below with your score in it. Btw Harry, if you’re reading this, Curry Club’s on Thursday. See you then!


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Written by Emma Matthews

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