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QUIZ: Is Niall destined to be your bae?

Is it true love?

By now, you’ve probably worked out what type of Niall Horan fan you are. Now it’s time to work out if you and Niall are destined to be together? Is he your secret bae? Let’s find out.

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We all know that Niall is an absolute gem. He’s cute, has the best accent and is an all-round nice guy. So why wouldn’t you wanna marry him?

To see if Niall is actually the love of your life, all you’ve got to do is answer a few questions about your virtual date. Where will you and Niall be eating? What will you be wearing? What boybands will you be discussing? Once you’ve revealed everything, we’ll tell you if Niall wants to make you his bae. Sound good?

Once you’re done you should also tweet us your results @MaximumPop. We’ll RT the best ones.

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