A message from the guy who started Maximum Pop! and Maximum Pop! Books 👋

After ten million visits from over 100 different countries

Millions of quiz plays and YouTube views

Thousands of mailer and Messenger bot subscribers

Live book and music events attended by 1000s of MP!ers

Interviews with Little Mix, Shawn Mendes, One Direction, Cassandra Clare, Juno Dawson, Fifth Harmony and Dua Lipa…

And more silliness than a box of puppies

MP! is saying goodbye 😭

We’re taking an (extended) break to focus on other things.

Thanks to every single visitor, team member, client, publisher, PR, pop star, YouTuber and author that made the last 7 years a chart-topping experience.

It’s been a blast.


PS. All Maximum Pop!’s content will stay online for now so if you’re still not sure if it’s Harry Styles’ wardrobe or a Wetherspoons carpet, now’s the time to find out.