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QUIZ: Can you guess whether these are One Direction or 5SOS lyrics?

This will be a struggle

You may have aced all of our One Direction and 5SOS quizzes. But have you got what it takes to smash this boyband bonanza?! Oh, you do? Prove it.

Below are 8 different lyrics. Some of them are from our faves in 1D and others are by 5SOS. All you’ve gotta do is tell us who the lyric belongs to.

Think of the quiz as a warm-up before you try and take on our seriously hard boyband trivia quizzes. If you’re a die-hard 5SOS fan you probably already know about the ultimate 5SOS quiz. It’s world reckon for it’s trickiness and less than 5% of the fandom have got 100%.

As for 1D fans, well you can’t get a harder quiz than the 1D true or false marathon. It’s will honestly give you nightmares. We had them for weeks after making it.

But before you complete those, let’s try and get top marks on this one, shall we?!

Fancy playing more quizzes? We have 162 One Direction quizzes that you can play by clicking here. We’ve also got 51 5SOS ones for you to enjoy. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

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