And the winner is… 6 ways to up your reading game you didn’t even think of plus WIN a ReMade prize package!

We know you’re all super awesome bookish people. That’s why we love you. But we might have just got the thing to take your reading game to the next level.

Literally, we can help you turn it up to 11 with these simple tips and tricks.


1. Amazon Kindle daily deals – You gotta signed up to this, right? Because this is one email you don’t wanna miss. And sometimes your fave author or genre will be featured and make it impossible not to buy everything. But it’s all discounted, so it’s a win!

2. Free audiobooks – Audible is GREAT if you have the cash to spare for a subscription. But sometimes funds can be a little low, so why not try out some of the TOTALLY FREE options? Open Culture have a good selection and then there’s always YouTube. Not a fan of audiobooks? We’ve got at least one reason why you should be.

3. The library – Oh, is this too obvious? But have you really, really used your library to its fullest potential?


Not only do most libraries offer an “order in” service so you can request literally ANY book, they’re also pretty great places to hang out. Look at these badass libraries! If they don’t want to make you pop down to your local, then nothing will!

4. Join a readathon – Seriously. Nothing will get you reading, and excitedly chatting, about a book more than joining in with a readathon! Although, maybe start off slow because some readathons are not for beginners.

5. The ‘shelfie’ app – This neato piece of tech will help you convert your physical books into e-books. Magic, right?


Take a picture of the book you want to convert and the app will find free versions (or at least discounted) of them online. Includes audiobooks too!

6. Serial Box – And yes now we’re on to the winning! *klaxon*


Serial Box are brand new and they’ve got one hell of a cool platform. You receive the story in bitesized chunks, roughly 25 pages, to quickly devour with your breakfast, or last thing at night. It’s like an espresso shot of story. Get your fix and then get going. Quick and fun and blummin’ addictive! Just like TV!

So, what can you win?

  • We’ve got 10 x prize packages consisting of the first three episodes of ReMade in various file formats (mp3/mobi/epub/pdf)

Whatever your device, they’ve got the format for that!

Wanna win? Here’s how:

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This competition is now closed! Congrats to the winners @Misscherryguest, @winterpark22, @myrkari, @bextow, @rareunicornpoop, @JennieLy, @superhez, @walk1961, @SophiaZarifis, @JackieMONeill.

So, what’s your fave reading tip? Do you have any bookish hacks people need to know? Tell us in the comments!

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