17 libraries that are so #librarygoals you’ll want to seriously reconsider your shelving game

Who doesn’t love a library? Some house our favourite stories, whereas others hold on to rare or important texts. But one thing is for sure: Libraries are like magnets to bookworms.


Here we list 17 of our favourite libraries from around the world. It’s enough to make you wanna pack your bags and explore them for yourself.

1. Bibliothèque nationale de France – “14 million books and printed documents, manuscripts, prints, photographs, maps and plans, scores, coins, medals, sound documents, video and multimedia documents, scenery elements…”


2. The library of El Escorial, Spain
– Part of a large complex of buildings near Madrid, it is “the most important architectural monument of the Spanish Renaissance.”

3. Handelingenkamer, Netherlands – This glass domed beauty houses Paliament records and other such stuff.

4. The TU Delft Library, Netherlands – This library makes a statement. We’re not sure what that statement is, but it’s something awesome.

5. Kenyan Camel Library – to help reach the nomadic tribes… this is a stroke of genius. Well done, Kenya.

6. The Abbey library of Saint Gall – During a fire in 937, much of the abbey was destroyed. But the library remained intact. Divine intervention?

7. Admont Abbey Library, Austria – “Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme… Beauty and the BEAST OF A LIBRARY!” This is #librarygoals turned up to eleven.

8. The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University – If it’s rare, you’ll find it there. This building is just as odd on the outside as it is on the inside:'s_Beinecke_Rare_Book_and_Manuscript_Library.jpg’s_Beinecke_Rare_Book_and_Manuscript_Library.jpg

9. Biblioteca Vasconcelos – It’s difficult to find a a photo that does this place justice. So much glass. And so big! It’s so big, in fact, that they display an entire whale skeleton on the ground floor.

10. The George Peabody Library, John Hopkins University – “The collections are available for use by the general public, in keeping with the famous George Peabody’s goal to create a library “for the free use of all persons who desire to consult it.”

11. The Central Library of Vancouver, Canada – With places to shop and eat on the lower level, this Colosseum library is a hub of culture and social activity.

12. Trinity College Library, Dublin – It can boast as the largest library in Ireland and as the permanent home for the Book of Kells. And it’s pretty easy on the eyes too.

(Photo by John D McHugh/Getty Images)
(Photo by John D McHugh/Getty Images)

13. The Library of Birmingham, UK – Any library that’s going to fashion itself on a cake, or a gilded birthday present is fine by us.

14. Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch, Taiwan
– Is this a library? Or an oasis? It’s #librarygoals for sure.

15. Bibilioburro, Colombia – Created by Luis Soriano (pictured) he “developed the idea after witnessing first-hand the power reading had on his students, most of whom had lived through intense life conflicts at a young age.”

16. Library Vending Machines, Worldwide (popular in Beijing) – And why not? Access to borrow and return your books 24/7? Yes please!

17. Biblioteca Sandro Penna, Italy – Uh, is this an alien spacecraft? Or a Pokemon Centre? Either way, well done Italy. You are #winning at books.

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