Publishing 101: What if I don’t live in London?

It’s well known fact that publishing revolves around our bustling capital city, but what if you don’t live near enough to London to do internships? You can’t afford to move there? Or even don’t want to?

no thank you

Have you looked into any of these options?

Small Presses


Yes, the big publishers are based in London, but they’re not the only publishers. You’ll find small presses in most cities, and they’re actually a really good place to start. You’ll be in a small team and get to experience much more of the process of publishing a book from start to finish – everyone mucks in to get the job done.



Magazines and newspapers have homes all over the country and aren’t limited to London, or even cities. Even small villages usually have a local newspaper! Look around where you live, venture into the newsagents and see what’s on the stands. You’ll probably find a local paper you didn’t even know existed!

Online Publishing


Online publishing is one of the fastest growing, and coolest, areas to be in. These places are usually small teams and they can be based anywhere, and sometimes they are completely remote – this means that everyone works from wherever they want to work; there are no offices!

Take your eyes off of London for a while and look elsewhere! There’ll be less competition and none of the London costs!

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