Publishing 101: What do publishers do? Part 1

Welcome to a brand new series here at MP! Books! We’ve talked about blogging and about writing, and now we’re turning our beady bookish eyes on the world of publishing. What do they do? How do they do it? How do you get into the industry?


What do they do?

The editorial department is a lot bigger than just that one word implies. The three main editors are editors, commissioning editors and copyeditors.

  • Commissioning editors are the people that read novel submissions from agents and writers and decide whether to take on the book and attempt to sell it to the rest of the company.
  • Copy-editors go through nearly final manuscripts looking for errors, whether they be grammatical, printing, formatting or consistency. You need a sharp eye for this one!
  • Editors work closely with the author from the initial stages until the very end. They work together to make the novel the best it can be, whether that be firming up a loose plot, cutting unnecessary scenes or making sure all characters serve a purpose.


What do they do?

It can be difficult to differentiate the difference between marketing and publicity, but it comes down to something rather simple: money. Marketing is paid for advertising. They basically buy content, whether that’s those huge ads you see on the Underground, campaigns with businesses or websites or promo in magazines and newspapers.


What do they do?

Publicists do much the same as marketers, but they get their content for free. From bloggers, from social media and by creating buzz. Publicists are often behind the cool online tours, the exciting promo packages sent round with review copies, finding angles to use to as a hook and generally making everyone excited about a new release.

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