What’s on ‘Paper Butterflies’ author Lisa Heathfield’s TBR? Plus her fave line from the book

Lisa Heathfield’s ‘Paper Butterflies’ is doing a bang up job of socking everyone who reads it right in the feels. It’s some heart-breaking stuff.
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So we were really excited to get the chance to put our questions to the author. And boy, did we have questions…

Tell us the plot of ‘Paper Butterflies’ in the length of a tweet.
It’s June’s story – about what happens when horror collides with love.
Why ‘Paper Butterflies’ – did you play with any other titles?
For a while it was ‘Butterflies In Jam’. I’d had that title knocking in my mind for a while, before I even knew of June and I think it definitely planted the butterflies in her book. But when I discussed the title with my writing group they weren’t sold on it. They thought it sounded like a comedy! ‘Paper Butterflies’ was pretty instant after that.
What’s your favourite line from this book?
Blister and I lie on our backs, our feet tucked into the same bucket of water.
For me, that line sums up their relationship – how completely happy they are together, just to be.
What was the most difficult thing about writing this novel?
Parts of it were incredibly traumatic to write. It was a very intense writing experience and I literally wrote every spare second – I hand write, so my right hand swelled up and my left hand honestly swelled too, in some kind of sympathy!
Where did your inspiration for Blister come from?
There was no thought process behind Blister – June just rode out on her bike one day and met him in the woods. And I loved him as much as June did!
If there is one thing that your readers remember about ‘Paper Butterflies’, what would it be?
That there’s beauty in the cruellest places.
Are you currently writing anything else? Can we have any sneaky hints?
I’m working on a novel which is due to be published next year and I’m sending the first draft to my editor in a couple of weeks. But I’m going to keep quiet about if for the moment, if that’s ok –  due to a mixture of superstition and fear that it might not make the final cut!
What’s on your TBR at the moment? Send us a pic!
My TBR pile is ridiculously long – but at the top are Jess Vallance’s ‘The Yellow Room’ (out in August), Jane McLoughlin’s ‘At Yellow Lake’ (bit of a ‘yellow’ theme going on!) and Vanessa Ronan’s ‘The Last Days of Summer’. They all look amazing. I’d love to send you a picture, but technology fries my brain and I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that… Sorry!

Technology is overrated. Books are where it’s it. And if you want to get your hands on ‘Paper Butterflies’ you can do so, right here.

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