UNBOXING: OwlCrate flew in and boy, were our arms tired from fangirling over it!

There’s nothing quite like a subscription box to brighten your day. So when we knew we’d be getting June’s ‘Royalty’ box from OwlCrate we were hootin’ with joy.


PLUS! The lovely hoomans at OwlCrate have a little something for all you MP!ers too (read on to find out what!)

*SPOILER ALERT* If your box hasn’t landed yet, then be warned. Here be photos:

Welp, this is it! Here we go… Just gonna flip open the lid:


The theme this month: Royalty… (with possibly the cutest bookmarks EVAH!)


Oh, we know what you really wanna see… The book, the book!


#maximumexcitement! And to turn it up, all the way to 11, here’s the whole haul:


And yes, that is a ‘Red Queen’ print, thank you very much. *hugs it to chest*

Feast your eyes on this puppy:


Already planning the outfits to work around it.

And if you were wondering which Disney mini-figure we got…


Yaas! *finger clicks*

Such an amazing box this month. However, have you seen the teasers for NEXT MONTH?


Awesome right? Right. So basically HALF of subscribers will get a ‘good’ box and the other half will get ‘evil’.

good evil

And to make it more exciting, it’s completely random too!

Not only will these boxes feature items from multi-fandoms, but will also include a full size Funko POP figure too. That’s right, full size!

As we mentioned above, the subscription box badasses at OwlCrate have given YOU peebles a discount code to use.

MAXIMUM‘ – will get you a stonking 15% off your order, friends.

So what are you waiting for? Shake a tail feather and get your box on! Clicky here to go there.

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