Can you tell the real band names from the fakes?

nevereversIn Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen’s fantastic new book ‘Never Evers’, Jack, Max, and Toddy spend their coach trip to the ski resort arguing over what to call their band without a name. Their suggestions range from ‘The Parallelograms’ to ‘About Time’ to ‘Psycho Sex Death Squad’. They decide they will finally name the band during this school trip – that is, the one who finally kisses a girl will be able to chose the name. And there’s clearly a lot riding on it with those names in the mix.


In honour of those almost and possible band names we have made you a quiz. We don’t know what bet was lost to name these bands but we imagine it must have been something dreadful. Take our quiz and see if you can sort the real band names from the fake and then you can decide whether these band members were better namers than Jack, Max and Toddy.

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How did you do? Share your results with us at @maximumpopbooks.


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