‘Never Evers’ is a book with the best friendships and will have you giggling along on every page.

Here’s a review of one of the funniest books we’ve read in possibly a billion years. It’s packed full of igloo-building, smuggled hamsters, and gorgeous french pop stars. It is, of course, ‘Never Evers’ by Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen.

nevereversMouse (that nickname will not go away) has had to return to her old school after flunking out of ballet academy. It’s only been a few years but she’s not really sure where she fits anymore and who might still be her friend.

To make matters worse, she’s not just returning for any normal, boring part of the school year, she is returning right at the beginning of a school ski trip to France.


Instantly Mouse is thrown back into the fray of things and finds herself among the heavily-stencilled jeans of a would-be witch and the frothy-curls of someone who has a hamster called Mr Jambon stuffed into their rucksack. And then there’s Lauren, who used to be her best friend, and now Mouse isn’t sure what she is.


But Mouse and her class aren’t the only ones crammed onto a coach and heading to the alps that day. Jack too is whizzing along to France, with his best friends Max and Toddy, trying to decide upon the oddest French phrases they can get away and trying not to smell the coach-farts. The three of them are in a band, which is good. But the band has no name, which is less good. Plus when Jack tried to take the stage for their first ever gig, he bottled it. They’re made fun of for this a bit, but not nearly as much as they’re made fun of for none of them ever having kissed a girl.

It’s definitely occurs to one, two, maybe just EVERY character in this book, that suddenly they won’t just be on a ski trip, they won’t just be in France, they’ll be with people they might bump into …with their lips.


Can you cast a love spell to get boys to come crawling through your window?

Is Jack actually famous French pop star, Roland (Otherwise known as Roland le very-very-sexy)?

And will the band end up being named the PSYCHO SEX DEATH SQUAD?

You have to read ‘Never Evers’ to find out! It’s such a fun, upbeat and downright giggly read. The characters, and more than anything, the friendships those characters have, are such perfect depictions of how the best people wriggle into your life and make it interesting, sometimes make it a little bizarre, but altogether make everything amazing.

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