Reviewer Round Up: ‘Not If I See You First’ is “powerful and thoughtful”

Not If I See You First‘Not If I See You First’ is Eric Lindstrom’s impressive YA debut about blind teenager, Parker, as she navigates life and love after the death of her father. It’s got 3.9/5 on Goodreads, and we here at MP! think it’s excellent, but what about all of you bloggers? We’ve scanned the internet yet again to find honest reviews from readers, and today we’re looking specifically at what Lindsey at MuggleNet and Cynthia at Binging On Books thought.

First things first: Parker, the fierce, sarky leading lady. Cynthia said: “This book had one of the bitchiest and yet fiercest and most lovable characters I have seen in a long time…The narration of this book was so strong and it’s amazing how well this author was able to make me feel what it would be like to be a part of Parker’s world.”

Lindsey agreed that Parker isn’t wholly good or completely bad, and neither are the rest of Eric’s cast. She said, “The characters are complex; there are no heroes or villains because each character has his and her own good and bad qualities.”

Of course, having Parker as the protagonist and narrator means that when we read this book, we too become blind. Lindsey said, “There are no descriptive passages to set the scene – no sweeping descriptions of landscape, but instead we “see” how Parker “sees”; we hear and feel her surroundings and especially her emotions and thoughts. That’s what really sets this book apart – its unique perspective.”

Cynthia agreed, noting, “I was able to see everything through her eyes and this book talked about so many different issues that blind people have to face that I take for granted. Parker is not aware of what her friends look like or what race they are or what clothes they wear on a regular basis or whether a guy that she likes is cute.”

Final word on this book?

Cynthia: “There is a lot of redemption for Parker towards the end of this book. The middle of this book was so incredibly emotional, but I do think the pacing started slowing down a little. I kept waiting for something else to happen. This was such a moving book about family and friendship and love and forgiveness.”

Lindsey: ” One thing’s for sure, if you like novels by John Green and Rainbow Rowell, you’ll definitely enjoy this; it’s powerful and thoughtful as well as engaging and relatable. It’s a book that all ages, young adult or young at heart, will enjoy. Though this is Lindstrom’s first foray into YA Lit, I certainly hope it’s not his last!”

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