This is why Lauren Jauregui is the type of pop star the world needs in 2017

“I think God gave me this voice for this purpose”

There are so many things people don’t understand about Lauren Jauregui.

Those who only know her superficially might take one look at the ‘Work From Home’ music video and assume that she is just another pop star, but that’s where they’re sorely mistaken. We know that Lauren is so much more than that.

It takes real balls (pardon the phrase) to stand for what you believe in and Lauren has taught us time and time again that we should never stop fighting for equality and trying to put make the world a better place.

It’s very easy to be a wallflower – to shrink away from conflict and avoid controversy, but Lauren has never been one to stand injustice and this weekend she proved it to the world. And the world took notice.

The Women’s March was one of the most important events held in the name of equality, justice and peace in modern history. It was a time to stand up and be counted. After all the words, it was time for action and there was no way Lauren was staying at home that day:

“I’m marching for human rights in general, because the upcoming administration has clearly made a statement about who they support and what kind of regime they intend to instill. I’m marching for women, I’m marching for the LGBT community, I’m marching for immigrants. I happen to fall into all three categories, so I’m marching for myself at the end of the day and for my family and my friends. And for whoever else deserves it.” (Interview quote from Nylon)

“America is so beautiful in theory”. Lauren is worried for our freedom of speech and with good reason

Lauren’s ultimate Jaguars remind us all why we love the 5h superstar

Many people might ask why pop stars have become increasingly vocal about their political opinions over the last few years. Traditionally entertainers have been quite reserved when it comes to getting involved in politics, but trailblazers like Lauren Jauregui are paving the way for a new generation of responsible role models and we can’t thank her enough:

“I think that in the entertainment industry particularly, people usually get into this business because they’re trying to just be the distraction for people. But for me, I don’t see the power in having a voice, and a voice that so many more people listen to than an average… I don’t feel right having that and not using it for the sake of educating. That’s why I think I was born and given this platform to begin with. I hate attention, I hate all of that kind of shit. But I think God gave me this voice for this purpose—to use it for the sake of uniting people and making sure that everyone knows that it’s okay to use your voice. You can be a young woman, and it’s okay to use your voice. You can be as strong as you want.” (Interview quote from Nylon)

But it’s not just pop stars who need to use their voices. One of the goals of this new generation of entertainers is to mobilize you, to prove that you can make a difference:

“I think the youth is the movement. I think we are the ones who are starting this revolution, and we’re the ones who are going to see it carry through and be the ones to implement it. I think we’re in a really amazing time right now of consciousness awakening, the internet and all the connections we have to each other. All the young people involved right now, on the internet, seeing the injustice and having it there in front of their faces, it’s making them passionate and it’s making them aware. All the little kids I’ve ever talked to—little, little kids, like eight years old—they know what’s up. They’re like, “What’s going on? How is Trump president?” The fact that kids can differentiate that… I think the power’s in the youth.” (Interview quote from Nylon)

Thank you Lauren Jauregui for being the pop star we need in 2017. We may be facing uncertain times, but we can be sure that there are still voices who stand for justice in the world.

Did this inspire you to use your voice? Share a story about how Lauren inspires you in the comments.

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