Lauren Jauregui’s ultimate Jaguars remind us all why we all adore the Fifth Harmony superstar

This week’s MP! Superfan of the Week was picked for their dedication to keeping the world informed about the truly inspiring superstar, and one fifth of the biggest girlband on the planet right now, Lauren Jauregui.


It’s LMJUpdates! We chatted with the account owners about what it’s like to be an ultimate Jaguar and their new festive fan project…

Hi guys! So who owns the account?

There are a total of ten members who run LMJUpdates. We like to remain anonymous to keep our account running smoothly and keep it professional, but we all are from various different parts of the world and love Lauren!

Why are you a fan of Lauren Jauregui?

For starters, Lauren is an amazing singer. Her voice was the first thing we all fell in love with. But, obviously, that isn’t all. It’s very difficult to find someone, especially a celebrity, who shows so much compassion and is as down to earth as she is. We all love how Lauren chooses to use her platform to raise awareness for the things that are important to her. She’s real. She speaks her mind and isn’t quiet about the injustices of the world. There really is no end to this list. Whether we talk about her personality or her voice, she has something special.

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Why did you choose to dedicate an account to her over the other 5H girls?

Everyone has different favourites within Fifth Harmony, and ours happened to be Lauren. Before Fifth Harmony’s debut album ‘Reflection’ was released, there were virtually no update accounts specifically for only one of the girls. We wanted to create a place where fans of Lauren could be updated on her life because we all are fans too.

How long have you been a fan of Lauren for?

It’s actually different for all of us. A few have been fans of her since Fifth Harmony’s beginning on ‘The X Factor’. Others learned about her last year or the year before.

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What’s your favourite Fifth Harmony song and why?

We narrowed it down between all of us and our top picks are: ‘Going Nowhere’ and ‘No Way’. Why? Because Lauren really shines on those songs.

Has Lauren or 5H ever noticed the account or engaged? If so how did you react?

Lauren has noticed us a few times! She’s liked some of our projects and responded to the LMJUpdates website we have. We all get really excited whenever she notices our account. It’s always great to see that she likes and approves of what we’re doing!

Have you ever met Lauren?

A few of us actually have met Lauren in meet and greets!

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Why do you think people are so engaged with your fan account? What differentiates you?

We’d like to think that our account provides the fastest and best updates for Lauren. We try to keep the updates professional and we are always looking for ways we can improve. We hope that shows.

What do you think of Lauren’s relationship with her fans?

Being in the spotlight is a really tough job, especially when you a ton of fans who can expect or want a lot from you. What’s so admirable about Lauren is her ability to voice her thoughts and opinions in an effort to educate others. She is very genuine and endearing when interacting with us. What we really appreciate is when she shares the things she loves with us, such as her art, writing or photography.

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What is your fave Lauren/5H fan project that you have ever taken part in?

The art book we created for her is our favourite. It was a compilation of drawings along with book, movie and song suggestions submitted to us by fans. All of the people who look up to Lauren came together and were inspired by her enough to share things they felt a personal connection to. It was a really beautiful thing to see!

What, in your opinion, is the most inspiring thing Lauren has ever done and why do you think people look up to her so much?

What inspires someone differs from person to person. Lauren has participated in the ‘Do Something’ campaign in attempt to get more people to vote. She’s talked to fans who have gone through incredibly tough lives and given them strength with loving words and undivided attention. She also donated money to the families of the victims in the Orlando shooting. People look up to her because she cares. Her intellect and open mindedness are rarely found nowadays. She is open minded and accepting. How could you not look up to her?

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About our Christmas Project

For Lauren’s birthday this year (27th June), we made a project to raise funds for MaxLove Project, a non-profit organisation that wants to increase the quality of life and reduce health risks for all children surviving cancer, both in treatment and beyond.

The response and help we got from fans was amazing. Christmas is one of our favourite holidays and it’s all about giving, that’s why we wanted to organise another project and give back.

Everyday all around the world, women are faced with immense hardship, even more so when they reside in developing communities and poverty ridden areas. A Global Friendship (AGF) is a non-profit organisation focused on improving women’s economic statuses one investment at a time. The reason why we at LMJUpdates chose to focus on this organisation for our Christmas project is simply for the fact that AGF helps empower women and help them financially by assisting them in creating their own businesses in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Peru.

Lauren knows the importance of lending other women a helping hand, which is exactly what AGF is doing. With every donation, you will be helping break the cycle of poverty in women around the world.

We’re going to inform everyone about the project on December 1st and our goal is to raise $1.000 by December 25th, the day the project ends.

Let’s do everything in our power to help make LMJUpdates’ project a success. 

Tweet the hashtag: #LMJsChristmas

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