You let us know why Lauren Jauregui is your inspiration and we are officially in tears

Last week we asked you vote for who was your inspiration in our weekly Face Off, and you guys went crazy voting for Lauren Jauregui.


But what we loved was that, when we announced the results, fans then started sharing their stories about how Lauren had inspired them. We thought they were so touching that we had to create an article out of them! Prepare the tissues ‘cos there are some beautiful words to be read here from fans all over the world.

Alex Neill

“She accepts us all for who we are. She doesn’t see gay, trans, black, Asian etc… She just sees a person. Their worth from their character, and personality and their words. What they do and act is how she will eventually seek judgement in her mind of you, if she does at all. Her words brighten my mood, they help put me into perspective and just knowing that she is here to support us all the way is comforting. Im glad she is one of my idols and role models, honestly.”


Abby Kunkel

“Lauren has inspired me in more ways than one, she has taught me to think on my own and to be a strong and independent woman. Also to stand up for women no matter what anyone else says. Also to be creative with life and to make the most of it. And to have a few very close friends and always keep them by your side. She means the world to me and I can’t thank her enough.”

Mary Ann Martinez

“Lauren has inspired me to be myself, not only that she inspires many of us to keep learning and to speak up for ourselves. Lauren teaches us that we should stand up for ourselves as women specially in this world that we live in now. She’s beautiful inside and outside as well I just love how she thinks, and she’s so creative in how she thinks and speaks up for women!”

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Amanda Antista

“She is just a beautiful person. She is maxing inside and out. You undone find many girls who are pretty and nice. I went thru a bad break up I thought I would never love again and I saw Lauren and I fall in love again I wish we could b closer.”

Jessica Owen

“I love Lauren and Camila so much it was a hard decision to make but Lauren is just an amazing person who accepts everyone for who they are she has never ever judged anybody and her smile and personality just lights up the world she is such a kind hearted person who would honestly do anything for anybody I’m so glad Lauren is one of my idols and role models I wish to be like her when I’m older because she ain’t afraid to speak her opinion which I really admire about her �”

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Casanova Franco

“Her Heart & Her Mind she is such a kind hearted caring person she truly shows interest in everyone and she takes the time to actually acknowledge her fans and people she does not know she is very strong minded beautiful and highly intelligent her smile is so beautiful and has a heart of pure gold.”

Karla Naomi Vergara

“Lauren is a beautiful, talented girl, who is not afraid to express what he feels and thinks, defends people and cares about others, is not just a pretty face, I love her.”


Alexis Vitek

“She’s so perfect. Her words are so absolutely beautiful and poetic. She’s so intelligent and says amazing things about equality, loving your self and others. She’s huge in women’s rights; which I admire completely and wholeheartedly. She’s helped me through anxiety, and made me feel loved. She also helped me love my self and I’m so greatful for that. I love Lauren so much, I also love Camila of course too. But there’s something about Lauren that just truly inspires me and intrigues me. I love you Lauren. ~Alexis �❤”

One for the Portuguese speakers among you…

Cleiciane Cardoso

“Lauren tem tudo haver comigo…… sou muito direta quando o assunto é política. Pois aqui no Brasil a situação é precária, pois os políticos q mas ajudava os pobres era os q mas roubava. Não é pq ajudava os pobres q não pode ser preso ou caçado do seu mandato…… e por aí vai….”

Ben Ma

“Lauren has inspired me because she never fears sharing her opinion. Lauren is constantly speaking out about important issues and that she loves doing what she does.”


Lisa Mhagrh

“Lauren and Camila both inspire me SO much and it was the hardest decision ever,but I chose Lauren. Lauren inspires me because she has a beautiful mind, all of the 5H girls do but, Lauren’s is….different? I question the word “different” because there are really no words to describe her mind. She approaches EVERYTHING with a passion so infeasible that I could only dream to have that much passion concerning something one day. And that’s another thing Lauren teaches us to do.Dream. She’s taught me that it’s ok to dream and reach for the seemingly thought impossible because of her undying determination to succeed, and that is something that makes me want to strive to be more like Lauren Jauregui.”

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Esme JLugo

“Yassss My LOVE, she its the most incredible person, she knows so much as things that are so important in life, I love her mind so passionate, talented, original and she says what ever she things its right, love see her active about the political staff inspiring us every day more. She is the best I love FIFTH HARMONY SO MUCH I’m OT5 person HARMONIZER, ALWAYS SUPPORT AND LOVE TO THESE INCREDIBLE BABYS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ITS A PERFECT ROL MODEL. CONGRATS TO THE BABY WITH THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EMERALD EYES OF THE WORLD LAUREN JAUREGUI.”

If you want to let us know your story of how Lauren has inspired you make sure you leave a comment using the comments box.


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  1. Lauren is my inspiration for many reasons, lauren is a person with a unique soul, she’s intelligent and cultured . Lauren as an influencer use her voice not only to sing, she also use it to inspire every women in this world full of male chauvinist. She made me see that our voices can be heard and it can make a change as long as you put passion, love, patience, courage,effort in everything that i want to achieve and the most important thing my heart. Lauren is just an amazing person that was created to let the world know that we are not alone, and the justice still exist.OUR VOICES HAVE POWERS ,WE’RE NOT ALONE!

  2. Lauren has taught me so much, I mean, I have no words to describe the way Lauren has made me see the world… I used to ignore every society problem and because of Lauren now I’m an activist, I fight for my rights as a woman, I fight for my rights as a human and I fight for the other people’s rights …. she’s amazing and made me realize that I’m not a body… I’m a soul. She’s such an inspiration and I love her

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