NEWSFLASH: Harry Potter has officially gone missing and not even JK knows where to find him


What a nightmare! It’s worse than being given double Potions homework from Professor Snape. How exactly do you lose Harry Potter? Well let us illuminate you.

Magical artist, Hannah Weston, painted Harry on a canvas 4ft high no less! And then it somehow vanishes in the post. Poof! Gone. As if someone whipped an invisibility cloak over it. However, we have a few theories about where it actually is…

Parcelforce have issued an apology and some compensation has been offered but dudes, no. You need to do more. The Chosen One has gone AWOL and our little fangirl hearts are just aching with worry.

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So we’ve gone one step further and put our expert Wizarding Law Enforcement hats on to sleuth out its likely whereabouts.

Credit: Hannah Weston

The artist told the BBC:

I painted Harry out of pure adoration for stories that have brought me joy and I hope that it ends up in the hands of someone who truly appreciates it.

Well, funny she should say that… Here’s suspect NUMERO UNO!

Draco Malfoy

Come on. It’s the obvious choice, right? All you Drarry shippers out there get what we’re saying. The platinum blonde wouldn’t be able to resist a 4 foot picture of his bae, would he?

His father is certainly NOT going to hear about this one.

Dobby’s Sock

Just think about it for a moment. Dobby has always been very thankful to Mr Potter. So why wouldn’t he want to tuck away a little memento? And we’ve seen how much space Hermione has in her handbag, so it’s safe to assume Dobby’s sock has the same capacity.

Dobby isn’t dead. He just went home. Inside his sock. With a painting of Harry.

The Room of Requirement

It’s no secret that the muggle postal service has been using rooms like this since the dawn of time. How else do they screw up your deliveries so badly? They put it all in there… But sometimes have trouble finding it again.

Ron Weasley

Well, why should his best mate get the spotlight all the ruddy time? Why isn’t there a giant painting of Ronald Weasley getting lost in the post?

It just accidentally on purpose got fed to one of Charlie’s dragons. Oops. It’s ok to admit you’d do a Ron too.

Colin Creevey

Creepy ol’ Colin Creevey. Not content with his papped snaps of the famous boy wizard he now collects newspaper clippings… And bespoke paintings. His home is decorated in Harry’s face. Fun times.

Wherever the painting has gone we also hope it’s somewhere where it can be enjoyed too and that some errant post owl hasn’t carried it off to sea.

Where do YOU think the painting is? Share your thoughts with us.

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