YAAAS! You can now read Harry Potter from Snape’s perspective and he’s finally the hero we all knew he was

Turn to page 394…

Obviously you recall that Severus Snape’s birthday is on 9th January 1960.

And because Snape is, was and always will be everything us Muggles like to celebrate his birthday every year.

We usually have a Hogwarts style rave which is something reminiscent of when Pulp randomly performed in the fourth film. We dance around like crazy elves and we love it.

But this year, JK and the Pottermore team decided to give us one of the biggest Snape day presents ever – a series of summaries of the Harry Potter books written from Snape’s perspective.

JK you are a queen.

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We think there should actually be a film adaptation of Snape’s tragic life based on these summaries. He is a typical anti-hero who isn’t afraid to shade Mr. Perfect Potter:

“Far worse than being useless, however, is being a weird, impertinent sneak – the kind who sticks his head into your Pensieve when you’re out of the room. Who does that?!”


Curiosity is a sin Harry and you should exercise caution.

Pipe down pipsqueak!

This excerpt from ‘Severus Snape and the Order of The Phoenix’ shows how Snape only wanted to help, but Harry was just too headstrong to bother with taking other people’s advice:

“Nonetheless, he aided Harry multiple times throughout the year: giving Dolores Umbridge fake Veritaserum; lying that he had run out of it when pressed for more; passing on Harry’s message about Sirus’s capture to the Order of the Phoenix; and therefore deducing that he had walked into a trap at the Ministry. Despite all his efforts, everyone still thought he was the worst”.

URG! Seriously.

Read the story of Severus Snape right here.

Let us know your favourite part and whether you would watch ‘Severus Snape and the Untold Story of a Tragic Anti-hero’ if it was made into a film using the comments box below.

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