VOTE: Which OTP deserves to be canon?

Slash or nah?

Everyone is a fan of someone. And that’s 100% true for Lexi and pals in Maggie Harcourt’s moving, swooning, tickling new book ‘Unconventional’. Plus, we know just how quick a fandom can create a whole new world of excessive hand flapping and weak knees when ships are brought into it.

So let’s set sail and settle it once and for all. If you had to choose JUST ONE of the all time OTPs to legit go canon, who would it be?

In the spirit of fairness we’ve aimed to include as many of your fave ships as possible. All you have to do is vote for the one that simple has to go canon so you can die happy.

Whether you’re hot for Drarry…

Or swooning over Larry…

We’ve left no rock unturned.

And because we want this to be as accurate as possible it’s really important that you spread the good word. The good word of Fandom, that is. Preach to your friends, your Facebook, your Twitter feed and rally the troops.

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There’s only one way to ensure your OTP wins, however “unconventional” they may be, and just do we’re clear, this isn’t a vote. IT’S WAR! Welcome to the Battle Dome. Many ships enter, only one can leave.

Job done? Good work, soldier. Now feel at ease to share with us who you voted for in the comments section below.

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