Harry Potter’s biggest fan Colin Creevey is all grown up and you won’t BELIEVE what he looks like now

And he still loves his camera…

If you ask us, Colin Creevey was one of the most underrated characters in Harry Potter. Yeah, he *may* have been obsessed with taking pictures of Harry Potter at any given moment, but tbf, who wouldn’t attempt to get snaps of their fave celebrity whenever possible?

*eyes up blurry Louis Tomlinson tube shot*

And let’s not forget the fact that he bravely fought for Dumbledore’s Army in the Battle of Hogwarts, and left us all crushed when he died. We’re still not quite over it, to be honest.

But it’s now been six whole years since we saw Colin meet his Death Eater fate (or 19 years, if we’re giving the Battle of Hogwarts its REAL date), so you’re probably wondering what the actual Colin (aka Hugh Mitchell) is up to now. Apart from being dead, of course.

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These days actor Hugh Mitchell is all grown up, and boy has he changed (in fact, changed is probably an understatement).

Since his Harry Potter days, it turns out Hugh has been rather busy.

First he went all emo circa 2006 for film ‘Tormented’ – yep, that really is him. 

Then he did a spot of public speaking at the Florida Supercon.

Flickr: floridasupercon

More recently, Hugh’s given the long locks the chop, and has embraced Colin’s short do once more. YASSSS HUGH. 

Facebook: Hugh Mitchell

Oh, and we should probably mention that these days, Hugh’s a keen photographer – and it looks like the inner-Colin never really died after all. Here he is rocking a gloriously warm looking hat.

Hell yes to this @fjallravenofficial hat in my stocking. Merry Christmas!

A photo posted by Hugh Mitchell (@hughmitch) on

Colin may have courageously died in the Battle of Hogwarts, but we’re relieved to see that Hugh is keeping his spirit well and truly alive.

Does it fill you with glee to see him embracing the whole photographer thing? It’s making us all warm and giddy inside. Leave a comment below and let us know – nostalgia was made to be shared, after all!

You can also find out whether you’re actually like Colin with this scarily accurate quiz!

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