Your TBR list isn’t long enough: here’s some LGBT titles coming soon that you’re gonna need

We’re right in the thick of Febraury, aren’t we? And February is LGBT history month. Woo!

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To celebrate, why not add a few of these upcoming titles to your TBR? It’s not like your TBR was getting any smaller anyway… 

  • ‘Beast’ by Brie Spangler – New friends Dylan and Jamie are bringing only the best out in each other. But there is something Dylan doesn’t know about Jamie… she’s transgender.
  • ‘Of Fire and Stars’ by Audrey Coulthurst – A sweeping fantasy that promises to be epic! When a shocking assination leaves the kingdom reeling, two girls join forces to find the culprit. But as feelings develop, so does the danger of revealing their budding romance.
  • ‘Jerk Bait’ by Mia Siegert – Twins Tristan and Robbie are forced to share a room for the sake of the others’ health. Tristan learns how his brother is struggling as a closeted gay teen in the straight-laced world of professional sports. Secrets are kept, sacrifices are made.
  • ‘As I Descended’ by Robin Talley – A Macbeth re-imagining where two girls seek to topple the school ‘mean girl’, whatever it takes.
  • ‘Drag Queen’ by Jeffery Self – Written by the YouTube icon, this follows one high school student on a ‘drag race to his future’
  • ‘Last Seen Leaving’ by Caleb Roehrig – Flynn’s girlfriend has disappeared and suspicious eyes are looking at him for answers. As he searches for clues, he also finds himself asking questions about his own character and sexuality.

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That’s all, for now! We don’t want your shelf to get too dusty as you try to catch up with your reading.

There are many more LGBT Young Adult titles being released this year, but these should keep you busy for a little while, at least.

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