GUEST BLOGGER: Jessica Mellor names her top 10 romantic reads, including Rainbow Rowell and Charlotte Bronte

12208585_10205223420289601_1185652975737817843_n (1)Jessica runs a fabbo book blog, Paper Utopia, and is a keen reader. This self proclaimed ‘Harry Potter enthusiast’ has a blog to die for. It’s gorgeous.

We asked her for her top 10 romantic reads in honour of the most luvved up day of the year.:


February is well known for being a luscious lovely love fest of a month and with St Valentine’s Day right around the corner it’s only fair we share a few of our favourite romance reads. From recent YA all the way back to the 18th century, these books are perfect stories to get you in the spirit!


So, in no particular order…

‘One Day’ by David Nicholls


If you haven’t already read this renown work of art then you’re way behind the times. Released in 2009 it’s a snapshot tale of two people, Dexter and Emma, who come together and fall apart again and again. On July 15th every year their relationship and how their lives have changed is explored; distance, missed opportunities, setbacks and slip-ups litter the way. It’s no easy romantic path, and it’s more than a little emotional, but definitely worth the read.

‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ by Jenny Han


The first in an adorable duology, ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is about as loved-up and fluffy a read as you could ever find. It’s about Lara Jean Song, a half-Korean American girl who falls instantly and in comprehensively in love approximately every five seconds. If fake dating is your favourite trope this is the read for you!


‘You’re the One That I Want’ by Giovana Fletcher


Giovanna Fletcher is the queen of contemporary romances. All three of her books could have made this list but I have a particularly love for ‘You’re the One That I Want’. Like ‘One Day’ it spans through adulthood and childhood as Maddy questions her love for her two childhood best friends. The blurb says it best: “If it weren’t Rob waiting for her at the altar, there’s a strong chance it would be Ben.” Even if it is classified as adult literature we definitely think Giovanna has strong YA appeal, though if you’re not big on love triangles maybe sit this one out!

‘The Next Together’ by Lauren James


Love historical fiction? This is your book. Are sci-fi semi-dystopian futures your thing? This is it. Love love? Here you are. All three? Well, you may have just found the perfect novel for you. ‘The Next Together’ is best dubbed as a ‘reincarnation romance’. The adorable Ben and Kate are reincarnated time after time in different moments of historical significance. To change what might have been they must find their way to each other, whether that be across the battlegrounds of the Crimean War or much closer to home in the midst of a secret government conspiracy. Providing you love romance as much as we do, this book has something for every reader.


‘Eleanor & Park’ by Rainbow Rowell


This lady has been kicking up a storm in the world of YA for quite some time now. ‘Eleanor & Park’ is a diverse, intricate delve into blossoming young love. Rowell doesn’t sugarcoat but this isn’t a dark book either. It’s cute and adorable in all the same ways that classic YA contemporary romances are but the added layers, the extra depths explored, make this one a stand out.

‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Brontë


A classic and forerunner in the history of romantic fiction, ‘Jane Eyre’ is good if you want a healthy dose of romance mixed in with more than ample amounts of feminism (for the time period, of course). Jane and Mr Rochester’s love isn’t plain sailing and suffers through many complications: before marrying, for her own peace of mind, she must become Rochester’s equal in all ways. A masterpiece of English literature, ‘Jane Eyre’ is a must for romance lovers looking to see where their favourite contemporaries learnt it all.


The ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ trilogy by Stephanie Perkins


We really couldn’t pick just one of the three books to feature here, they’re all so good! Each in the series follows a new relationship somewhere around the world. From Paris to San Franciso and New York, romantics are bound to fall in love themselves, whether that be with the delightfully different Étienne, Cricket, or Josh. Sit back, indulge, and let yourself get lost in the city of love.

‘Love, Rosie’ by Cecelia Ahern


We must love romances which are told over a stretch of time because ‘Love, Rosie’ is another on that list! The friendship and longing love between Alex and Rosie is detailed solely through letters, emails, instant messages and so on, allowing a real delve into the feelings of the characters. Being too scared to admit how their relationship has evolved since childhood, the two embark on a complicated rollercoaster of emotions. Get your tissues ready!


‘Everything, Everything’ by Nicola Yoon


It may well be fast paced and quick to evolve but nobody can deny how utterly adorable the relationship between Maddie and Olly is in this 2015 release. First love and first kisses, learning to live and living life to its fullest are all poignant moments in ‘Everything, Everything’ which are bound to make your heart burst. We could all learn a lot from the events of this novel! Short yet lovely in every aspect we would absolutely recommend.

‘How They Met and Other Stories’ by David Levithan


A collection of short stories by David Levithan, ‘How They Met’ is perfect for those of you who don’t have a lot of time on your hands. 18 short, sweet love stories are featured, ranging across a complicated spectrum of ways to love, who to love, and how to love. They are all interesting and unique in their own ways, sure to pull at your heart strings at least a handful of times. And, better yet, most of the stories are LGBTQ+ inclusive! We love.

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