Here’s 15 of our #perfectlyflawed gif reactions to reading Cecelia Ahern’s YA debut

Cecelia Ahern’s ‘Flawed’ is the kind of book dystopian fangirls and boys will lap up. It’s also the kind of book that anyone who enjoys high stakes, impossible situations and great storytelling will also devour greedily and happily.


But how to explain why you need to read it without giving away any spoilers? Well, here at MP! we’ve taken lessons in communicating in the language of ‘gif’, and now we’re going to use that fluency to show you, rather than tell you, how much this book rocks it.

Chapter 1 – “Remember this.”


Chapter 2 – “then we hear the siren.”


Chapter 6 – “And you are perfect.”


Chapter 12 – “And then they take me away.”


Chapter 18 – “It appears even Judge Crevan’s enemies have decided to use you as a pawn in their game.”

kermit worry

Chapter 21 – “The tide is changing.”


Chapter 24 – “Outrage. Mania. Noise. Bang, bang of the gavel.”

mild shock

Chapter 29 – “He wants me to call out, to repent. I don’t.”


Chapter 40 – “She has broken her own fingers.”

oh no

Chapter 45 – “Desire to pick up my life and try to live as normally as possible is punched out of me right there.”


Chapter 46 – “the rules changed and things got worse.”


Chapter 47 – “My heart is empty; they can do what they like to me now.”


Chapter 55 – “It’s time to urge the people into action.”


Chapter 64 – “Despite the madness around us, he returns my smile.”


The End – “I run.”


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