6 things to do with books you didn’t really like

It’s a real bummer when it happens, but not every book can sparkle and shine like a unicorn’s mane in the breeze. And sometimes you’re forced to look at that underwhelming book, see it mocking you from its place on the book shelf.


But worry not! We’ve gathered together some things you can use that book for. So why not re-purpose that sucker and turn into something you can love and cherish forever and ever?

1. Book wallets. These are actually pretty darn cool. Suddenly that text you were assigned for that headache of an essay not only looks cool, but you put MONEY inside it.

Etsy items refabulous

And maybe take some satisfaction from ripping out its pages too? Tutorial from ‘refabulous’ is here. 

2. Maybe you can then use those ripped out pages to make cute, but very fancy-looking, feathers.


‘Home Stories A to Z’ have a handy tutorial for them. And once you’ve got yourself a cluster of them you can get extra crafty! We’re tempted to put them in our hair…

3. How about a book pages ‘desk tidy’?


Relatively simple and will look super swish on your fave tabletop, true? Click here to see how they did it over at ‘the 3 R’s blog’.

4. Folded book art. These look magnificent, but if you’re like us then you cringe at the idea of using a book you love for this purpose. It’s like dog-earing to the extreme. But that’s where your slightly less-than-perfect titles come in, eh?

book folding

Easy peasy starter tutorial can be found here.

5. Or what about a book candle jar? ‘I Love This & That’ will show you how.


6. Really though, if none of these DIY projects have taken your fancy or got your creative mojo flowing, there’s always one final option…


JOKE! Don’t go burning anything, you hear?

Have you made any bookish crafts before? Tweet us your pictures @maximumpopbooks


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