7 Series We Didn’t Want to End. Ever.

There’s nothing like that moment when you finally have the final book of a series in your hands. The excitement! The sadness! The fear! Basically, it’s a time for ALL OF THE EMOTIONS.

a case of the feels

We spend a lot of time discussing our favourite series’ here at MP and we’ve come up with a list of 7 series we’d be happy to carry on reading forever.

‘The Lunar Chronicles’ by Marissa Meyer

Lunar Chronicles

But the final book was over 800 pages, you cry. WE KNOW. And we still want more! Those are some serious skillz from Marissa Meyer right there. The world of ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ is so huge, the characters so lovable and the possibilities so endless that we basically want to follow Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Thorne, Winter and Jacquin until they’re old and grey. And we’d be totally up for falling in love with more characters from this world.

‘The Morganville Vampires’ by Rachel Caine


15 full-length novels and a collection of 22 short stories and we’re still not ready to leave Morganville. Basically, we fell right in the vamp trap… Not once during this series did it ever feel like it was too long or that anything was repeating itself. There is a crazy amount of scope for these beloved characters and creepy little town. And Rachel Caine isn’t done either – in ‘Midnight Bites’ she wrote that she’s not finished with Morganville yet. There’s going to be more from the Glass House gang!

‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins


Well, we’re not 100% sure our hearts could handle the stress of our precious babies being put back in so much danger, and we’d totally be worried about Katniss’s sanity, but we miss this series so bad. We’ve got a serious need to catch up with Effie Trinket…

‘The Luxe’ by Anna Godbersen

The Luxe series

The scandal. The drama. The heartbreak. We were head over heels in love with this series back in the day and we’re rather sad that Anna Godbersen seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Now that it’s been quite a few years since ‘Splendour’ broke our shipper hearts, we’d love to catch up with Diana, Henry, Penelope, Elizabeth and Lina, especially Diana – she was our favourite. Can you imagine seeing these guys in the roaring 20s? Oh, it’d be so good…

‘The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson’ by Louise Rennison


Oh, Louise Rennison. We’re still super sad following the announcement of Louise’s death last month, but Georgia will live on. We gobbled these books up as soon as they hit the shelves and we’ve read them so many times our copies are falling apart. Georgia still delivers the lols.

‘The Raven Cycle’ by Maggie Steifvater

Raven Cycle

We’re deep in our pre-‘The Raven King’ re-read of the first three books in this series and we’ve become rather obsessed. Again. We’ve started speaking with a Henrietta twang, we’ve cut up our t-shirts a la Blue and we’re writing Save Gansey on everything. It’s probably best if this series doesn’t end – we’re not sure if we’re going to be able to handle it…

‘Vampire Academy’ by Richelle Mead


This series had a bit of everything, didn’t it? Forbidden love, badass ladies, fierce friendships and constant fear that our babies were going to die. Even after six books, a satisfying ending and a six-book spin-off series, we’ve still not had enough Rose and Dimitri in our lives. We could live off of their sass and romance forever.

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Written by Sophie Waters

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