5 reasons you need to read Liz Kessler’s ‘Read Me Like a Book’. Like, immediately.

Liz Kessler’s gorgeous first YA novel is about first love, first heartbreak and learning to juggle it all while navigating the minefield of exams and a stressful family life. It all makes Ash a bit


But why should you read ‘Read Me Like a Book’? Let us tell you!

1. ‘Read Me Like a Book’ was 15 years in the making. And you can tell. This novel is so full of heart and honesty.

2. Ash is an A+ heroine. She’s clever and funny and vulnerable but she’s also gobby and abrasive and makes some poor choices – she’s a proper 18-year-old!

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3. The connection between Ash and Miss Murray is beautifully handled. It could have gone in many directions, but we think this was true to life and a responsible way to handle a delicate topic.

4. It shows the power of good teachers. Ash doesn’t really want to be at school, and she doesn’t particularly like it. But Miss Murray gives her confidence and enthusiasm for English and for her own writing. Everyone should have at least one teacher who inspires them.

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5. This is the type of book that could change the game for someone struggling with their sexuality. Books have power, peeps.

Grab your copy and get reading!

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Written by Sophie Waters

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