We crapped ourselves at ‘Goosebumps Alive’. Are you brave enough for London’s newest immersive theatre experience?

R. L. Stine’s ‘Goosebumps’ series still has a cult following. Trust. If you don’t believe us, ask your older siblings or even your parents. ‘Goosebumps’ was the pinnacle of scary before the interenets gave us Creepypasta and the Slender Man.

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But now everyone can experience the fun and terror (terrorfun?) of ‘Goosebumps Alive’ in a new immersive theatre experience.

The audience is treated to 3 creepy playlets inspired some of the 60+ books in the series, with sets and costumes to marvel at. Take a look for yourself:

Lighting, staging and music combine to make amazing, immersive sets

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-03

Walk around The Vaults, London in groups of 10, and take a seat. The show is about to begin…

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-05

Move from set to set and meet some of your favourite characters from the books. They’ve been expecting you…

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-10

You’re stood on the stage as the actors play out their creepy scenes right in front of you

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-20

This girl did something very bad involving her brother and some dog food. She might regret that…

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-23

Knock knock. Who’s there? Yeah, this was just weird

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-15

At least one member of the MP! team had to be taken home by their mum after 90 seconds in this elevator.

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-28

Look into my eyes, directly into my eyes…

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-34

Terrifying triplets. Don’t call us, we’ll call you

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-42

One scene played out beneath our feet, then you were invited into the basement to be greeted by this… obviously

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-61

Anyone got the time? A thought-provoking scene with a creepy old man, a clock, and a geeeeeeeeza

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-69

This chap deals with the refunds. Good luck.

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-80

And finally, karaoke. Gone horribly, disturbingly wrong. You know, a bit like The X Factor

16.04.5 The Vaults Goosebumps 2 AP_WEB-89

Brave enough? Click here for tickets.

What did you think? Are you game? Maybe you’re a ‘Goosebumps’ die-hard. So tweet us! @maximumpopbooks

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