How to Start a Book Blog: Navigating the Publishing Industry

Becoming part of the book blogging world often means becoming a part of the publishing industry in a small way. But what does that mean?

i'm confused

Am I part of the industry?

Yes! If you’re reviewing for publishers, taking part in blog tours, hosting giveaways or promoting a book on social media then you’re part of that book’s publicity. Cool, huh?

Book bloggers have become such an important part of publicity campaigns – they’re a free, enthusiastic resource, after all – that they now feature in the marketing info on the back of a proof copy!

From Goldy Moldavsky’s ‘Kill the Boyband’:

Kill the Boyband proof

From Lisa Heathfield’s ‘Paper Butterflies’:

Paper Butterflies proof

Do I have to do everything they ask?

Absolutely not. Your blog is your blog and it’s completely in your control.

  • If you’re asked to take part in a blog tour and you don’t want to, you don’t have to.
  • If you’re asked to review a book and you don’t want to, you don’t have to.
  • If you’re sent a book unsolicited – and it’s one you don’t want to read – you don’t have to read and review it. Even if the publicist asks you when you’re planning on reviewing that book, you are perfectly within your rights to say that you won’t be because you’re not interested in it and it was sent unsolicited.

Of course, if you have agreed to take part in a blog tour or post a review/interview/guest post on a particular date, you should do that. Obviously, if there are exceptional circumstances, publicists are lovely and will completely understand – just let them know!

Is it a good thing?


The publishing industry is a crazy, ever-evolving and exciting industry and it’s an amazing one to be part of.

Blogging is a great background to have if you want to go into the industry yourself. It’s a furiously competitive and difficult industry to get into so being able to demonstrate a passion and dedication to books is always a plus!

books are my life

And let’s not forget the day to day bonuses: books! Exclusive author content! Amazing opportunities with authors, events and publishers! Blogger events! Getting to interview your faves!

It’s all good.

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