17 of the bestest and the weirdest books about cats

Cat people. According to the urban dictionary this is someone who is half-cat, half-human. Of course.

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But whether you love them, or wouldn’t touch one with a barge pole, we think both sides can come together over this collection of slightly strange books. Meow.


1. This is the book that started it all for us. It popped up in our ‘recommended for you’ list and we innocently clicked on it… and now we’re doomed to be presented with some of the most bizarre cat books ever created whenever we log on to Amazon. Fab.


2. Yes, well. See what we mean? This is probably more fun than actual yoga though. TBF.


3. Who needs Kim Kardashian’s book when you can have this instead?


4. What more could you possibly need out of life?


5. Because we’ve all wanted to know the answer to this question.


6. They can? *mind blown* Featuring useful sections like ‘What is a cat?’


7. Exactly what it says on the tin.


8. This is a natural progression from 6. But we’re a little worried about the word “intimate”.


9. Follow in Grumpy Cat’s paw-prints.


10. If yoga wasn’t your thing…


11. Important information here. Because you can never be sure.


12. Cat poetry. Purrrfect.


13. Because sometimes a dead cat is the best kind of cat. (JOKING! Sort of.)


14. This is the third in the ‘Shake’ series. And this is literally pictures of cats… shaking.


15. When are cats ever in a place that isn’t awkward? Just google “ceiling cat”.


16. “Heartwarming”? No letter from any cat is ever going to be heartwarming. Cats are jerks. But that’s why we love them.


17. Our personal fave… Famous artworks re-imagined… with cats.

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