11 bookish mugs that will literally level up your life

Who doesn’t like a good mug? And what’s more, who doesn’t need more of them?


Mugs aren’t just for drinking out of anymore. They make a statement. They can say something about you. Yes, you. So wear your bookish badge proudly… on the face of a ceramic sipping bowl. (Which is hipster for ‘mug’)

travel mug1. Travelling in style. Everything’s normal. “Reading… as usual.”

stackable mug

2. This mug is stackable. Game changer. And if you have a few of these you can put anyone who pops ’round for a brew right. Too many books? Pah!


jane austen

3. Or maybe you want something more classic? The best thing about this mug is you’ve got something to read while you’re lamenting your alarm going off too early. Have breakfast with Jane.

clear-67639d145bbd91d418a8f15359c341b0 il_570xN.877580565_slkj

4. Austen not your jam? There is a mug for every fandom. 



5. There is never anything wrong in making your intentions clear. Quite clear. 


6. Not a morning person? Tsk, tsk. The morning is a beautiful, uplifting time of the- no? Ok. Shakespeare’s got you. Fight away the morning grumbles with these choice insults.


7. On a book buying ban? Or maybe it sounds like too much effort to reorganise your book shelves. No worries. Just stare upon thy mug.


8. Well, indeed. This is one for the writers. If you ever hear the words ‘I’m editing’, just nod in sympathy and back away slowly.


9. Was there ever a more apt quote?


10. This. Truth.


11. Heck yes it is. And so is this mug!

Do you have a ‘go to’ mug? A special one for getting comfy with a good book? Or maybe you have one of those ‘just for bookstagram’ pieces? Tweet us a picture @maximumpopbooks

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Written by Sarah Clare

Sarah is the Lead Writer and Design Queen here at Maximum Pop! Sarah holds an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University, and a BA in Creative Writing with English Literature from Marjon (BIG UP THE MARJON MASSIVE!). Sarah joined MP! after seeing an advertisement for writers on Instagram – because where else would a design master find their dream job?

Sarah is currently working on an expose on Draco Malfoy in her spare time. But not if his father hears about it.

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