We wrote Harry Potter fanfiction on Wattpad’s new tap app and we’re not 100% tap happy

Leave your quick quill at the door

Who doesn’t love fanfiction? Finding the perfect story, one that ticks the boxes for fluff, fave characters and fast pace, is the ultimate high.

Wattpad has been a treasure trove of fanfiction since its beginnings. So when they unleashed a new app on the world of writerly fangirls we did the honest thing… And downloaded it immediately.

We took “Tap” for a test run. Known for its original fiction as well as a heroic amount of OC fanfiction, we were intrigued as to how a text message type format would work.

Would it be riddled with emojis and txt spk? Would it even make sense?

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First thoughts: It’s addictive.

It’s like you’ve pinched someone’s phone and you’re reading all the messages. Not that we’ve ever done that. Nope. Not even with that one disloyal ex…

Anyway! The fun part is in the tapping. They even leave a large rectangle just for this purpose. To tap tap tappity tap through the stories.

Downside 1 – where’s the *like* function? And why can’t you comment on stories or make *friends* with fellow writers? If this is in fact a function it’s impossible to find.

There are some cute ideas though. Like choosing 3 emojis to describe yourself:

Creating your own tap story is easy and a lot of fun. If you’re the type to imagine or plan out conversations in your head (which is totally normal and not bananas) then you will get a kick out of this.

The “…” function looks so cool in the finished story as it’s animated and makes you feel like there is legit someone on the other end… typing a message to you.

Downside 2 – Fanfiction is not favoured on the front page. There is a search function so you can type in “Dramione” and get your kicks but there isn’t much on there yet. Tumblr will prolly always be king in that department.

Horror and thrillers reign supreme. It’s PERFECT for these genres because fear and suspense are easy to create like this. Without description things like romance and high fantasy will struggle to take off.

Downside 3 – there is a subscription option and the app is probably better if you get it. But heck no! Unless we’re going to get an exclusive Tap from J K Rowling once a month then there’s just no way in hell we’re parting with our galleons.

It’s good fun and especially entertaining if you’re on a bus or train or whatever. It’s also cool that it will suggest a story for you to read via push notifications.

What it lacks is a little heart. There are some brilliant stories on there but no way to show your love for them. There is zero community and that’s really sad. The biggest plus? SO MANY STORIES to dive into. Yas book dragons, go get your read on.

Have you tried Wattpad’s Tap yet? Would you give it a go? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Written by Sarah Clare

Sarah is the Lead Writer and Design Queen here at Maximum Pop! Sarah holds an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University, and a BA in Creative Writing with English Literature from Marjon (BIG UP THE MARJON MASSIVE!). Sarah joined MP! after seeing an advertisement for writers on Instagram – because where else would a design master find their dream job?

Sarah is currently working on an expose on Draco Malfoy in her spare time. But not if his father hears about it.

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