WAIT! Has Draco and Neville just gone canon?

Remembering to forget

Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom. Possibly one of the most rare of ships, but it’s out there. It exists. And now, thanks to a Facebook Live session the lads did, we’re pretty sure it just went canon too.

Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis sat down to answer some questions at Harry Potter World, Orlando, and holy pigmy puffs, we got a lot more than we bargained for. Including a way you could possibly end up on a DATE with Draco? Wut?!

It quickly fills you with the warm and fuzzies, watching this pair of chums chat away. And then it quickly turns into every fangirl’s dream as they divulge information like Matthew didn’t want to ride ‘The Hulk’ coaster in case it messed up his hair (and it is GOOD hair, can’t blame him).

Then Tom reveals a moment from the films that “inspired him”. Which, uh, is Voldemort’s hug?

Ok, so obviously this was the first thing that came to his mind, inspiring him to “be better at Voldemort” at hugs. But let’s be fair, it’s an iconic moment filled with so many feels, it’s little wonder it sticks out in his mind. It’s sound advice though. Do hugs better than Voldemort, people.

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And, spoiler alert, if you’re a hardcore Malfoy fan then there’s a special surprise part way through the stream. A fan asks if they stay in touch with the rest of the cast, and before they can really answer, Draco’s father definitely heard about it, and he wanted a moment on screen too.

via @HarryPotterUK

A moment of pure joy for every Slytherin out there as father and son are reunited on screen! SWOON!

And oh yeah, about that date. Turns out Tom didn’t get an invite to see ‘The Cursed Child’ on stage (cue sad violins) and says if anyone has any spare tickets…

…He’ll be inundated with ’em before he even leaves Orlando. As a “plus one” no doubt. So you know, if you happen to have tickets, this is the moment where you have to think to yourself: “Who would I rather go with? My mum… Or Draco Malfoy.”

It’s a no brainer.

There is so much more we want to fangasm over from that live stream. Who knew you could fit so much Potterhead awesomesauce into 6 minutes?

If you want to watch it for yourselves (and save it so you can watch it again and again because both lads are on form, and looking FINE) then clicky here.

Does this Draco and Neville bromance make your day? Who would you rather date? Tell us in the comments beloooow!

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