What does cake and manky pants have to do with writing? These cooler-than-you authors will tell you


We all know that there is no better advice for writing than to just simply “write” and “write more”. But sometimes you legit need a bit more motivation and guidance because hell, writing a whole book is damn hard.

So why not leech the knowledge from brains who have been there and done it? It makes sense. And it’s a productive form of procrastination. Stop writing, for a few minutes, and receive the all oomph you need, right here, to get that novel out and into the world.

1. Why not start at the top? The queen that is JK:

And this is applicable to any and all kinds of writing. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Truth.

2. Laini Taylor, author of the much anticipated ‘Strange the Dreamer’, wants you to be formidable:

Or whatever weapon you choose, really. Machete, long pointy stick, wet fish.

3. Yep. Pretty much.

And if it’s good enough for John Green…

4. The boss lady that is Maggie Stiefvater will set you on the right track:

Which actually translates to: Personal hygiene and self care is important. Even when you’re hiding in that writing cave. Come out and change your pants now and then.

How should you revise based on your fave pencil case?

Kick your day off with an extract from the debut of there year!

5. And just one more for the road from Maggie:

She tells much truth.

6. Sometimes you just have to write what makes you happy. 

So if you’re working on a retelling? You do you and it’ll rock.

7. A very true statement from Maggie Harcourt:

Don’t be scared to get it wrong. Because who sees it other than you at first?

8. And just a quick reminder that everyone will write a novel differently…

It’s important to find your own jam and go with it.

9. Stiefvater again, but this time with something a little more practical?

And hella scary. All those words, man… All those words…

10. And days like this happen:

You can’t expect to write 10k a day, everyday.

11. And finally…

Welp. Ok. There you have it! So stop looking at this and go write that novel, dammit. Write, edit, write some more, edit some more, submit, sit back. Published. YAAS!

What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever received? Share it in the comments below.


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