And the winner is… Wattpad Writers: Elle Rose, author of ‘Sonata’, reveals how to get millions of Wattpad reads + WIN! 50 Radish coins

Elle Rose is the writer of Wattpad story ‘Sonata’ – an adult romance story which began as Harry Styles fan fiction. Since its release, Elle has received over 16 million reads and over 360K votes on Wattpad and we asked her what her secret was. Here’s what she told us:

I’m not entirely sure that there is a secret to writing, at least not for me. Every story is just as different and diverse as its author, which in turn guarantees that the writing process will never be the same for any one person. I will do what I can to offer advice on a few of the things that I think have really helped me over the past three or so years.

Character Development

As a writer you need to believe in the characters you’re, quite literally, breathing into life. If your characters don’t feel real to you, then chances are they are going to be just as flat to your readers. Don’t be afraid to put your characters through hell. Last semester for a writing exercise, my creative writing professor told me to think of the worst possible thing that could happen to the protagonist of the short story I was writing for my final assignment. Once we thought of it, we had to sit down and actually make that horrible thing happen. We had to put our characters through hell, and by doing so we were able to learn so much more about who these characters were and who they were capable of becoming.

Plot Development

I first started writing because I was bored with what I was reading. For the first time, I could actually control the story; I could write the story that I’d always wanted to read, but had never been able to find. I was able to throw my entire self into a story. I could finally write and read what I believed in. As a writer, if you don’t believe in the story, readers will be able to tell. If you doubt the reality of something that happens in your story, your readers will sense it. If you, as the writer find yourself becoming bored with a particular scene, chances are, your readers will be bored as well. That being said, don’t focus on constantly going for the “shock factor.” Drama is great in small doses, but too much will eventually begin to bore your readers and your once unique story will revert to a stereotype.

Don’t worry about becoming “Internet famous”

Write what you personally want to write. So many young writers want nothing more than to become “famous”, and the results of this desire aren’t always what they’d hoped for. I will admit, I have written several pieces over the years with Internet fame in mind. I am now morosely ashamed of these pieces, and I have scoured the internet in the attempt to erase their very existence. Everything I wrote with the intention of instant internet fame failed.

I first started writing back in 2005, but I didn’t bring my work to Wattpad until December of 2012. The first work I posted on the site was a One Direction fan fiction entitled ‘Strings Attached’. The first couple months I spent on Wattpad were fairly uneventful, but, slowly, I began to gain reads. It took nearly a year and a half of constant updates, but eventually I hit the one million read mark. To those of you who are still at a loss as how to even begin gaining reads, I would highly recommend social media. Success will ultimately boil down to the amount of effort you are willing to expend on your project; the time and energy you dedicate to your work will show in your craft and people will begin to take notice.

Joining Wattpad was possibly the best thing I could have done. The entire Wattpad community is composed of individuals who would never have met or interacted without the platform the site has created. I’ve been a member of the site for over three years now and I’ve completed two stories, and am in the process of writing two more; the reads of which average out just over 30 million.

I do plan on continuing to post on Wattpad, but I am also very excited to announce that I will be joining Radish, a new online publishing platform for aspiring authors. Radish is similar to Wattpad in many ways, though there is one distinct difference between the two; Radish will create the opportunity for authors to be paid for their work.

Radish is a new app for serialised fiction that lets you read the latest chapter before anyone else, if you pay a small amount of money through an in-app purchase. So let’s say you’re addicted to a story that is due to appear on a free site, like Wattpad, next Thursday, with Radish you can make just one click and pay 36 US cents to read it today. With Radish, you’re always one week ahead of everyone else. Currently, Radish is focusing on bringing in popular web fiction writers, writing in genres like romance, young adult, paranormal, and so on, but later Radish will open out to other types of work.

This is a win-win, because if the writer makes enough money, he or she can quit his or her boring job and be a professional author – which is the dream for pretty much any writer. For readers, it means paying a little bit of money, but finding out what happens next, first – and seeing your favourite authors producing better work, more often! Radish just wants to do this for more and more writers, in more and more genres.

Radish is currently planning to launch their IOS version of the app in mid-February, and will bring in Android later in the year. I will be bringing a fully edited and revised version of my work, Sonata, a new adult romance which has gained over 16 million reads on Wattpad, to Radish along with my new fantasy story, ‘The Arottir’.

For more information regarding Radish, click here and sign up for the news letter and exclusive access to early content and promotions.

Want to know what ‘The Arottir’ is going to be about? Check it out:

Ontain is a kingdom divided by the conflict between the Arottir and the Siyllota. No one truly knows how the war started, but everyone must make the choice—Arottir or Siyllota? Jex is torn between two worlds. Will she make the right decision?

Arottir or Siyllota?

Want Radish coins to spend on hot new stories like Elle Rose’s ‘The Arottir’ and ‘Sonata’?

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