#ToTheGirls2016 is continuing to inspire and support young women everywhere

This month sees the UK release of Courtney Summer’s hard hitting YA novel, ‘All The Rage’, and to coincide she urged readers to join her #ToTheGirls2016 campaign.

She wrote in her article for The Guardian that last year’s campaign for the North American release had been so successful that it was without a doubt worth doing again.

So what is #ToTheGirls2016 all about?

She describes it as “a hashtag campaign dedicated to letting girls know they were seen, heard and loved.” She says that last year “we encouraged people to use #ToTheGirls to send messages of support, advice, positivity and empowerment to girls across social media. The hashtag trended worldwide and inspired countless hopeful, beautiful, wonderful, fun and moving notes to young girls.

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We’ve set our sights on rounding up some of our favourite uplifting and inspiring messages from Twitter. And here they are:

Courtney goes on to say that “the underlying message – the heart of the story – is always the same: whatever you’re going through and however you feel, you’re not alone.” 

She may be talking about her books, but the message is true enough for the beautiful #ToTheGirls2016 campaign.

Girls, you’re the best. Just keep doing you, even when it takes a little bravery. Seek support and find the courage to stand tall as the person you want to be. 

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The #ToTheGirls2016 campaign didn’t end on the 21st January, it carries on. Do you have a message you want to send? Get it out there, and tweet us about it @maximumpopbooks

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