WATCH: This teen just jumped into a crocodile’s mouth for his crush, while yours can’t even text back

Open wide and say ARGH!

Love makes you stupid. Love makes you blind. Love makes you jump into croc infested waters? No, not THOSE kinds of Crocs, although that might have been more successful. We’re talking big green meanies with sharp teeth.

This dude thought he could impress bae by diving into the water in Queensland, Australia, in a KNOWN crocodile area. Did he truly believe one wouldn’t chow down on him? Who knows. We’re not even sure he knew, either. 

17-year-old Lee De Paauw was trying to impress British backpacker Sophie Petersen. In the video interview here he calls her “kind” and “beautiful” and our hearts SHOULD be melting. If it weren’t for the fact that he’d acted like a total doughnut…

Of COURSE a crocodile came at him. It chomped down on his arm, and he’s lucky to still have it attached to his body. How did he escape? Welp, in his own words:

“I punched it in the snout…the second hit I got it straight in the eye.”

Was the girl impressed?

Lol. No.

He allegedly got her number, but she’s just not that into him.

Sorry, mate, you’ve just been friendzoned. Stay outta the water.


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