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Gucci’s new sock shoe is actually worse than a whole factory full of Crocs and it’s making us wanna vom

Is this an early April Fool?

Gucci have released a brand new sandal and, understandably, the Internet is going into meltdown FULL-ON FREAKING THE ‘EFF OUT.

Why? Well, these shoes are NOT the most attractive thing we’ve ever seen. They’re not family friendly, they’re not outdoors friendly, they’re not shopping friendly, they’re not hiking friendly, they’re not gran friendly, and they’re not dog friendly. To be fair, these shoes just generally aren’t friendly. They make Draco Malfoy look like an absolute angel.

Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, they also cost a whooping £1,016.74. For that price we could buy 70 life-sized cut outs of Harry Styles. That’s multiple Harry Styles‘ for every room of your house, your best friend’s house, and your dog’s house.

Thanks, but no thanks, Gucci.

The “shoes” in question are called the ‘IIse Sock Sandal’. We’ve not even shown you them yet but we reckon you feel sick already.

They first appeared on Nordstrom earlier this week and are technically a boot that looks like an open-toed sandal. We know, we know, we’re WTF-ing too.

This is what they look like….

Errr? Not sure about you, but we’re SO confused, right now. Obvs, Twitter also got themselves in a frenzy over the new design.

Us too, tbh.

Sooooooo creepy.



Some Twitter users think Nordstrom are pulling an early April Fools Joke on us. *MIND BLOWN* Is it possible?! Hmmmmm….

The story gets even stranger, though. According to, when the shoes first arrived on Nordstrom, they received two five-star ratings. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING.

One review read:

“These Sock Sandals SAVED MY LIFE! You see, my feet have agoraphobia and every time I leave the house, if they aren’t covered up they writhe in nervous agony. I had to wear socks with my sandals and I was mocked incessantly. Then I found these gems! Now I can wear sandals AND cover my feet from the awful scenes of society. They remain hidden, safe and none the wiser that they are actually in the midst of the plagues of the outdoors.”

As for the second, well that one was pretty hilarious, too:

“My mother had a boot fetish. When I was born she immediately put boots on my feet and I wore boots every single day of my life! As I grew up I became curious to wear sandals, but when I tried to put my feet in sandals, the skin would immediately cry out in pain and cold, screaming for a BOOT!! Well these Sock Sandals have saved my life. My feet think they are wearing a boot, but my mind thinks I’m wearing a sandal! Best of both worlds! Win win!”

BAHAAAA. NOW we know what’s happening.

QUIZ: What % basic bitch are you?

This ASOS hack will quite literally change life as you know it

To make matters even worse, we’re still unsure as to whether the boots are an early April Fools Joke or not? It’s not April yet, but maybe Gucci got their timings wrong?

Obvs, it seems all the range for fashion brands to sell pretty gross looking shoes, at the minute. Just when we thought our Dad’s fave shoe brand Crocs couldn’t get any worse, they go and release this monstrosity – the Crocs slider. Ewwwwwww.



At the end of the day though, who are we to knock anyone’s fashion choices? Style is all about self-expression, after all.

We’re not going to sit here and judge anyone who does wanna wear Gucci’s new sock sandal or Croc’s sliders. (HI, DAD!)

You shouldn’t let anyone else stopping you from buying a pair. If anything we admire you’re bravery. YOU HEROES!

Let us know what which one of these “ugly” shoes would you’d wear in the poll below.


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