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QUIZ: Which Netflix Original should you binge next based on your taste in gross British food?

Yeah, you heard

Netflix is basically our lives tbh. Had a bad day? Netflix. Having a girls night in? Netflix. Pouring with rain outside? Netflix. Basically, Netflix is the answer. And their originals are actually some of the best TV shows we’re ever seen – ‘Orange is the New Black’, ‘Sense 8’, ‘Shadowhunters’ and now ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’. Totally spoiled.

And the best thing to combine Netflix with? FOOD. Always, always food. A bowl of chips, a huge packet of crisps – whatever floats your boat.

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It’s no wonder some people find British food really weird. Like, REALLY weird. And we’ve got to agree – just look at this! We can totally tell which Netflix Original should be next on watch list based on your taste in gross British food. Promise.

Tell us the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten in the comments below!

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Written by Sophie Waters

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