Tom Riddle got HOT and we’d let him write in our diary any day

Such a snake!

It really is a good time to be a Slytherin. Can we just appreciate the fact that all of these lads and lasses seem to have done pretty darn well for themselves since graduating out of Hogwarts. From Marcus Flint to Pansy Parkinson, they’re slaying.

Now it’s time for the big one. Tom Marvolo Riddle himself. The Fetus Dark Lord. The Soon-To-Be-He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. He got fit. So there’s that.

Look, it’s ok. If you kinda had a thing for Tom Riddle in the films (or in the books, no judgements here) we getchu. So he might be a LITTLE BIT power hungry, he does look suave while he swishes that wand back and forth.

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Here he is looking pretty dapper (he’s a FICTIONAL character and it’s 100% ok to fall in love with that, regardless of morals):

Actually he does kinda remind us of…

No? Can’t see it? But then just imagine if Tom Riddle had gone the a cappella route instead of the world domination route. The Death Eaters would be a whole different kind of group:

Welp, that can’t be unseen. Sorry ’bout it.

But ‘Chamber of Secrets’ Riddle grew into a whole different kind of hot and we appreciate his ageing process greatly:

keeping it unreal

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Oh, hai! Who dis? Is u still makin’ horcuxes or..?

Nope. Just being very much the bae of our hearts.

Feeling pretty good about something. Find out what on @nashvillecmt tonight…

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Christian Coulson is the name that rolls up those credits (and the one you can now scribble inside your exercise book surrounded by love hearts, you’re welcome) and he’s currently starring in hit show ‘Nashville’.

But he’ll always be our baby Slytherin:

tbt to no idea when or where

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Cute or nah? Does he fill you with Slytherin pride? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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