You’ll never guess what THIS Harry Potter star looks like now

Buttocks alert

Slytherin house members seem to be winning at this game of lyfe. First there was Malfoy lackey, Goyle, causing us to loose our breathe, and then we were blindsided by the quidditch captain, Flint.

Now we’re looking at Pansy Parkinson; the girl we were 100% convinced would end up marrying Draco. Unless you’re in the Dramione camp, that is. But seriously, you will NOT believe how fiercely this particular actor has been slaying.

You know Pansy Parkinson, right? We’re talking Scarlett Byrne, the girl who took over the role in ‘Half Blood Prince’. A Slytherin through and through…

…she was ready to serve Harry up on a platter for Lord Voldemort.

But we all got flaws, right?

Apart from Scarlett because DAYUM she is looking a picture of health and wellness…

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This is Scarlett the starlet at the Women’s March:

Yes, girl. Get ’em.

She’s appeared in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and TV show ‘Falling Skies’, and now she’s posing for Playboy. Heck yes she is. And she let us have a sneak peek at the shoot which will appear in the upcoming issue:

A cheeky snap (literally) since Playboy are doing that nude thing again now. And regardless of how you feel about that, we think she looks F.I.E.R.C.E. and we’re actually really intrigued by the essay she mentions too. “The Feminist Mystique” will appear alongside the pics and we’re hoping it’s made available online soon.

Who run the world? Hogwarts students, apparently. What do you think? Comments beloooow, thx!

Wanna try your luck with guessing these other Harry Potter actors? They don’t look the same as they did in the films AT ALL! Please do share your score with us too:


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