POTTERHEADS! Snapechat is here and it’s the only app you actually need

The slimeball

Sorry Marauders but that map of yours is outdated now. Hogwarts needs to get with the times and a good start is with this brand new, high demand app… Snapechat.

Yep, you read it right. SNAPE-chat. It’s going to revolutionise wizarding life up and down the country. Ok, so it’s not actually a thing. But it needs to be. We’ve mocked up what it might look like though…

Snapchat is just so blah. It needs revamping too, and what better way than with a pun and a much loved character from your fave franchise?

Yes, Severus! Come through! It’s the most sassy, most tragic, most powerful social media app out there. Or at least, it would be. Don’t deny you’d be more excited for this than Harry Potter GO.

We’re not the first to use the pun…

41 thoughts we’ve all had about Percy Weasley

Remember toothy Slytherin chase Marcus Flint? This is what he looks like NOW

But we’ve taken it one step further because you need to think about the MECHANICS of such a thing. It’s more than just well-posed snaps:

An app like that needs its own filters, right? So we’ve got the basic Snapechat starter kit right here:

Slytherin pride. It’s simple but effective. Gotta represent for the slippery snakes!

It MIGHT happen. At least, now that Harry isn’t there. 1000000 points to SLYTHERIN! What else would Snape see in that mirror?

Ah yeah. That. The original friendzone master. He never made it out. And that’s a damn shame.

Harsh perhaps, but necessary. Plus, just think of all the sassy as heck snaps you’d receive from the Potions Master:

What do you think about Snapechat? What other filters should there be? Tell us in the comments!

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