Oops. 7 times we low-key liked the secondary characters more than the protagonist.

The magical thing about stories is that they’re usually stocked with a great cast of characters. And sure, we do love a hero…

bobs burgers

…but sometimes we find ourselves identifying more with one of the secondary characters. Hard. And that’s ok. Because some of them truly ROCK! 

1. Luna Lovegood from the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

harry potter

Is it her eccentricity? Yes. Is it her gorgeous hair? Yes. Her whimsy? Definitely. But mostly? It’s how she’s legit full of wisdom and honesty and loyal to the last. We <3 Luna. Always.

2. Roar from Veronica Rossi’s ‘Under the Never Sky’ series.


This guy! Built like the beast of his namesake, but so sensitive and tender it melts our hearts. His story actually made our soul ache. Everyone wants a hug from Roar.

3. The Darkling from Leigh Bardugo’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ series


He counts, ok? And maybe some of you won’t feel the same obsession, but you have to concede that the boy has charisma. *heavy breathing*

4. Helen Burns from Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’.

jane eyre

Before you start shouting at the screen, we will admit that Jane really does take spotlight in this book. BUT there is something magnetic about Helen and her ferocious nature. She’d totes be a Gryffindor, right? And it makes us sad that we didn’t get to know her better.

5. Reagan from Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Fangirl’


Sassy and so much fun to read. This girl needs her own book, yo.

6. Brimstone from Laini Taylor’s ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’ series.


So what if he’s a horned, hairy beast who collects teeth? He’s the only father figure Karou has known. And he’s super cool. So there.

7. Sevro from Pierce Brown’s ‘Red Rising’ trilogy.


He’s rude. He’s dirty (in every way you’re imagining). But he get shte job done and then some. Not only is he a stalwart friend, really, if you think about it (and if you’ve read the book) he’s to Darrow what Samwise is to Frodo. But in space. Yes.

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