The way the British Library is celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter is SIRIUSLY cool

Something pretty darn magical is happening at the British Library next year and we’re sparking at the ears we’re so excited for it!  If you’re Potter-mad, dying for a behind-the-scenes look at manuscripts and magical objects, and have your broomstick ready to fly you to London, you’re in for a great day out! Don your Hogwarts scarf and take a look at what’s happening:

In celebration of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”s 20th birthday, the British Library are set to open an exciting new exhibition all about the wizarding world we know and love. As in, you can go to THE BRITISH LIBRARY and see an exhibition about HARRY POTTER starting from Autumn 2017.

The official dates are 20th October 2017 – 28th February 2018 so you’ll have plenty of time to pay the place a visit. You’ll get to go to the very heart of Harry Potter, checking out all of ‘Philosopher’s Stone”s origins and the books Rowling herself poured over in a wicked blend of magical artefacts, Bloomsbury’s archives, and British Library treasures.

And if you don’t quite know where abouts the British Library is in London, it’s a legit stone’s throw away from King’s Cross. How ironic is that?!

Hope to see you there in 2017! Let us know if you’re coming @maximumpopbooks – and don’t forget to include #HarryPotter20 and share in the Potter love.

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